Back in 2004, Neil Pollock and brothers Huw and David Price started the Spengler project. Since then, they've gone on to work with worked with a number of UK musicians, including Maiya James, Robbie Craig, Max Grunhard and Mark Armstrong.

They have been creating music together since earlier this century but their records are only now beginning to find a wider audience through club and radio exposure worldwide. Tru Thoughts recently put out the Spengler track 'Good Things' on both their 'Shapes' CD compilation and their 'Shapes Y' vinyl EP. It was was also featured on Wagram's 'Nu Jazz' and 'Saint-Germain des pres' compilations.

Spengler have set up their own label and put out some more tunes. Their releases on Bermuda Triangle are distributed by Timewarp. There are three records coming out in the label's first year of operation, starting with the 'Beautiful / Justify' AA 12", out on the 8th of July 2007, followed by 'BT Edits' out on the 14th of December 2007. Look out for a new 7" in early 2008. Spengler's releases are already receiving support from DJs worldwide, and Bermuda Triangle releases have been played on UK radio stations such as BBC 1Extra, Kiss FM, Choice FM and TheJazz.

Spengler is also a 4 piece punk band from Dundee, Scotland.