spiritual south

Formed in 1999, Spiritual South is the brainchild of Mark Robertson, a deejay, producer and ‘mad about music’ collector.

Mark grew up in London, turned on by the jazz funk movement in 80’s and tuned in to the pirate radio stations who were championing, the whole rare-groove, funk and jazz-dance genres to an otherwise acoustically starved youth in and around the Capital. His passion led him to dig deeper into other
jazz-centric music, discovering sounds which blurred boundaries between Afro-American music and the rhythms, melodies, and arrangements of Latin America and Africa.

In the beginning of the 90’s, Mark moved to Australia, spending nearly 4 years spinning extensively at various residencies and one-off events promoting his sound before finally returning to his native London where, after formally studying Latin Percussion and a Degree in Art, formed Spiritual South, an entity with an ethos that’s primarily about creating and promoting quality dance music while collaborating with the musically like-minded, the world over.

After 3 years hosting Spiritual South events, Mark ventured into music production. He gained his first project courtesy of Nik Weston (Exceptional Records) who commissioned the remix of ‘Suite Espagnole’ for Japanese Jazzers, United Future Organisation. After gaining relative success, Mark went on to create Spiritual South’s debut single ‘Green Gold’, a tune that became a modern day hit, gaining frenzied support the world over.

Thereafter, Mark has been responsible for some of the most influencial worldwide future music and has firmly established the name as a unique sounding force. The Remixography reads as a who’s who of dance music and has allowed Spiritual South to grow from a modest studio based outfit to a fully fledged entity in its own right.

Music he finds hard to source, he makes. Genres that come from
opposite ends of the music spectrum, he blends. This is where you will find the energy and the excitement to some of the most original dance music around.