St. South

“I’m not yours, I’m mine” is the mantra of St. South’s sublime single, “Slacks”.

The track boasts a sauntering jazz beat and metallic synths to set the deep blue backdrop onto which she layers her crystalline vocals. Sounding genuinely exhausted from a never-ending game of tug-of-war has never sounded so gorgeous. “Slacks” is a portable scene of late night regret and aching honesty set in folktronica paradise...

On her Facebook page, she recently announced a new single, “Get Good”.

It would also be remiss to leave out the part about her Bon Iver remix, “We Washed Texas,” grafted from “Wash”, “Hinnom, TX”, and “Holocene”, which made it onto the Stems Project album. It’s also beautiful and can be found over on her Bandcamp page, as well as a link to download “Slacks” for free.

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