Sweet As Revenge

Sweet As Revenge were formed in the late 2003. They've been through lots of formation changes since that day,
Their first single, broken lines and empty smiles, was released in august 2004. The single reached the first position in MTV Cutting Edge and lasted for 7 weeks. And later on, the single was re-recorded for the Anthems of Tomorrow v/a album which was released by dE records.

Sweet As Revenge now are more likely to be called as one of the best performing band. The energy delivered in every of their shows made the crowds feel the emotional atmosphere.
They are constantly wheeling on the edge of losing control, toeing the line between pure insanity and self-control.

Dinand in particular is manic, his voice often sounding like he was throwing every ounce of his soul into every single word. Occasionally his voice sounds so raw that you'll find yourself hitting the sore throat medicine on his behalf.
The purity of Dinand's intense delivery made any listener feel as though he really meant every single scream, cry and shout.

Febri often shows dynamic bass playing in every songs, which you can find in most swing and jazz bands, and with his hurtful scratchy vocal approach, he completed the text and make sure that the message delivered!

Powerful and aggressive rhythm guitar proved to be the back bone of their songs. Kisut treated the six-strings like a chainsaw, but you can feel the purity inside his swelling guitar bruises.
On the other side, Akmal's guitar melody seems to fill the elegant side of the songs to make it more audible. They've made a perfect duo.

Nanda's drumming is also riding that edge of complete disarray, offering her most frantic, kinetic playing on stage.
Having a rare formation as a girl-drumming band, Sweet As Revenge have managed to stand out!

Some might say, this is their best formation ever!

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