SWV, also known as Sisters With Voices, are an American female R&B/new jack swing trio from New York that formed as three school friends in 1990: Cheryl "Coko" Gamble (born June 13, 1974), Tamara "Taj" Johnson (born 1974), and Leanne "Lelee" Lyons (born 1976). All three girls began getting their singing experience in church at a young age. Teddy Riley took notice of a demo tape the trio had created. He was one of the main producers responsible for the making of their debut album, It's About Time, released in 1992. The album was certified double platinum within its first year of release. SWV's series of top 10 hits on the U.S. Billboard R&B chart made them one of the most successful and popular urban groups of the 1990s.

Their first single, "Right Here", was released in the autumn of 1992. It peaked at #13 on the R&B chart, but the hit follow-up single, "I'm So Into You", is what caused them to become a commercial force among urban fans. The two singles were followed by the biggest hits of their career, "Weak" and "Right Here/Human Nature" (a remix of their first single featuring samples of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature"). "Weak" became their only single to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart where it stayed for 2 weeks while "Right Here (Human Nature)" peaked at #2. The fifth single, "You're Always on My Mind" was another top ten R&B hit.

In the spring of 1994, SWV contributed the old school radio version of "Anything", featuring Wu-Tang Clan to the soundtrack of the movie Above the Rim; it became another hit single. Their remix EP, The Remixes, was unleashed the same year and reached gold status by the end of the year. In the summer of 1995, they lended their vocals to Blackstreet's top 40 hit "Tonight's The Night".

The trio returned in 1996 with a sophomore album, New Beginning, and had another #1 R&B hit with the song "You're The One" and follow-up single "Use Your Heart" was a Top 10 R&B hit. The album was followed by Release Some Tension in 1997, which featured a bevy of guest appearances by rappers including Lil' Kim, Missy Elliott, and Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and Snoop Dogg. Later that year, they released a Christmas album titled A Special Christmas.

SWV disbanded in 1998 and Gamble moved on to continue with a solo career. Her solo debut, Hot Coko, was released in 1999. Also that year, their previous successes were recalled on their Greatest Hits compilation. Another greatest hits compilation, Best of SWV was released in 2001.

SWV released their first original album in 15 years, I Missed Us, in 2012 with the lead single "Co-Sign".

Song lyric Weak WEAK SWV
Song lyric Right Here RIGHT HERE SWV
Song lyric Anything ANYTHING SWV
Song lyric Rain RAIN SWV
Song lyric Can We CAN WE SWV
Song lyric Fine Time FINE TIME SWV
Song lyric All Night Long ALL NIGHT LONG SWV
Song lyric Someone SOMEONE SWV
Song lyric Ain't No Man AIN'T NO MAN SWV
Song lyric Anything (old Skool Radio Version) ANYTHING (OLD SKOOL RADIO VERSION) SWV
Song lyric Blak Pudd'n BLAK PUDD'N SWV
Song lyric Can We (Radio Version) CAN WE (RADIO VERSION) SWV
Song lyric Do Ya DO YA SWV
Song lyric Everything I Love EVERYTHING I LOVE SWV
Song lyric Gettin' Funky GETTIN' FUNKY SWV
Song lyric Give It to Me GIVE IT TO ME SWV
Song lyric Here for You HERE FOR YOU SWV
Song lyric I'm So In Love I'M SO IN LOVE SWV
Song lyric I'm So Into You I'M SO INTO YOU SWV
Song lyric If Only You Knew IF ONLY YOU KNEW SWV
Song lyric Im So Into You IM SO INTO YOU SWV
Song lyric It's About Time IT'S ABOUT TIME SWV
Song lyric It's All About You IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU SWV
Song lyric Let's Make Music LET'S MAKE MUSIC SWV
Song lyric Lose My Cool LOSE MY COOL SWV
Song lyric Love Is Like This LOVE IS LIKE THIS SWV
Song lyric Love Is So Amazin' LOVE IS SO AMAZIN' SWV
Song lyric Love Unconditionally LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY SWV
Song lyric MCE (Man Crush Everyday) MCE (MAN CRUSH EVERYDAY) SWV
Song lyric Miss You MISS YOU SWV
Song lyric On & On ON & ON SWV
Song lyric On Tonight ON TONIGHT SWV
Song lyric Right Here Human Nature Downtown RIGHT HERE HUMAN NATURE DOWNTOWN SWV
Song lyric Show Off SHOW OFF SWV
Song lyric Still STILL SWV
Song lyric Tell Me How You Want It TELL ME HOW YOU WANT IT SWV
Song lyric That's What I Need THAT'S WHAT I NEED SWV
Song lyric Think You're Gonna Like It THINK YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT SWV
Song lyric Time to Go TIME TO GO SWV
Song lyric Use Your Heart USE YOUR HEART SWV
Song lyric Weak (Version 1) WEAK (VERSION 1) SWV
Song lyric Weak (Version 2) WEAK (VERSION 2) SWV
Song lyric When U Cry WHEN U CRY SWV
Song lyric Where Is the Love WHERE IS THE LOVE SWV
Song lyric You're Always on My Mind YOU'RE ALWAYS ON MY MIND SWV
Song lyric You're The One (bad Boy Remix) YOU'RE THE ONE (BAD BOY REMIX) SWV
Song lyric You're The One (special Mix) YOU'RE THE ONE (SPECIAL MIX) SWV
Song lyric You're the One YOU'RE THE ONE SWV
Song lyric You're the One for Me YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME SWV
Song lyric Youre The One YOURE THE ONE SWV