The Cataracs

You can't plan for a new beginning.

It often just happens without any warning or notice. There's no time for preparation. However, if
you embrace it with an open heart and mind, everything can change for the better.

Ever since 2004, production powerhouse and platinum-selling eclectic pop unit The Cataracs had
been a duo—Niles and David. However, in the summer of 2012, after the release of the sizzling
hot Gordo Taqueria [Indie-Pop/Republic Records] and its fiery lead single "All You" featuring
Kaskade and Waka Flocka Flame, David decided to follow a lifelong dream and travel the world,
effectively leaving The Cataracs a one-man unit. Niles dusted himself off and kept forging ahead

"It left me really vulnerable and anxious for a minute," he admits. "It also gave me the
opportunity to come into my own as a solo act and even realize the initial vision that I had for
The Cataracs. I like creating intelligent dance music that makes people move. That's what I've
wanted to do since the beginning. Campa and I weren't always on the same page about that.
Now, I have an even clearer understanding of what The Cataracs is, and I'm making the best
music I've ever made."

That's a bold claim, but it's true. From day one, Niles had served as the group's producer and
produced other artists under the moniker "The Cataracs". He was behind the immortal beat for
Far East Movement's "Like a G6" featuring Dev. The track became a worldwide phenomenon,
surpassing digital sales of 3 million and topping the Billboard Hot 100. It also kick-started the
careers of Far East Movement and Dev and created unanimous demand for production from

From there, he worked the board for Dev's platinum smash "In the Dark" as well her entire major
label debut, The Night the Sun Came Up, Snoop Dogg's saucy "Wet", and other tracks from the
likes of Enrique Iglesias, Usher, 50 Cent, New Boyz, and more. He's also been sought out by
everyone from E-40 to David Guetta.

At the same time, honing his two-prong vision for The Cataracs, he's pushing the boundaries of
pop. On his solo material, he cooks up an infectious concoction of sexy dance music with lo-fi
hip hop swagger and undeniable pop bliss. In November and December, Niles will be releasing
a free track every week leading up to the debut of a yet to be titled free EP.

The next chapter of The Cataracs has kicked off with a bang, and it's only just begun.

"I've got confidence like I've never had before," enthuses Niles. "I want fans to walk away from
my music with something they're not getting anywhere else. I want to break the fucking boring
static coming out of the radio. I want to give people addictive, catchy songs. That's what I love to

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