The Chipmunks

Created by Ross Bagdasarian aka David Seville in 1958, The Chipmunks are three animated cartoon singing chipmunks: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.


1959-Let's All Sing with the Chipmunks
1960-Sing Again with the Chipmunks
1960-Around the World with the Chipmunks
1961-The Alvin Show
1962-Christmas with the Chipmunks, Vol. 1
1962-The Chipmunk Songbook
1963-Christmas with the Chipmunks, Vol. 2
1964-The Chipmunks Sing the Beatles Hits
1965-The Chipmunks a Go-Go
1965-The Chipmunks Sing with Children
1968-The Chipmunks See Doctor Dolittle
1969-The Chipmunks Go to the Movies
1980-Chipmunk Punk
1981-A Chipmunk Christmas
1981-Urban Chipmunk
1982-Chipmunk Rock
1982-The Chipmunks Go Hollywood
1984-Alvin and the Chipmunks: Original Television Soundtrack Recording
1987-The Chipmunk Adventure
1990-Rockin' Through the Decades
1992-In Low Places (Label: Sony Wonder, ASIN B0000028T3)
1992-Greatest Hits
1993-The Alternative Alvin (Label: SST, SST 226)
1993-Alvin's Christmas Carol
1994-Here's Looking at Me!
1995-Alvin's Daydreams
1995-Chipmunk Celebration
1995-Easter Chipmunk
1995-When You Wish Upon A Chipmunk
1995-A Very Merry Chipmunk
1995-The Very Best of The Chipmunks
1996-Club Chipmunk: The Dance Mixes
1998-The A-Files: Alien Songs
1999-Greatest Hits: Still Squeaky After All These Years
2003-Merry Christmas from the Chipmunks
2004-Little Alvin and the Mini-Munks

1958-"The Chipmunk Song" (US #1)
1959-"Alvin's Harmonica"
1960-"Ragtime Cowboy Joe"
1960-"Alvin's Orchestra"
1960-"Alvin for President"
1962-"America the Beautiful"
1960-"Rudolph, the Red-Reindeer"
1962-"The Alvin Twist"
1963-"Alvin's All Star Chipmunk Band"
1963-"Eefin' Alvin"
1963-"The Night Before Christmas"
1964-"All My Lovin'" (Beatles cover)
1965-"I'm Henry VIII"
1968-"If I Could Talk to the Animals"
1968-"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
1980-"You May Be Right"
1980-"Call Me"
1981-"On The Road Again"
1981-"I Love A Rainy Night"
1982-"E.T. And Me"
1983-"We're The Chipmunks/Beat It" (Michael Jackson cover)
1984-"Let's All Be There" (for NBC)
1985-"What Were You Doing At The Time?"
1985-"Sunday Bloody Sunday" (U2 cover)
1987-"The Girls of Rock & Roll"
1990-"Jingle Bells Finale"
1993-"Achy Breaky Heart" (Billy Ray Cyrus cover; 45, 1993, Epic 74776)
1994-"I Don't Want To Be Alone For Christmas (Unless I'm Alone With You)" (actually performed by James Ingram)
2002-"In Charge but Not Involved"
2003-"Remember A Day"

Song lyric The Chipmunk Song THE CHIPMUNK SONG The Chipmunks
Song lyric (All I Want for Christmas Is) My Two Front Teeth (ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS) MY TWO FRONT TEETH The Chipmunks
Song lyric All I Want For Christmas ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS The Chipmunks
Song lyric Here We Come a-Caroling HERE WE COME A-CAROLING The Chipmunks
Song lyric I Don’t Want to Be Alone for Christmas I DON’T WANT TO BE ALONE FOR CHRISTMAS The Chipmunks
Song lyric Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER The Chipmunks
Song lyric The Girls of Rock N' Roll THE GIRLS OF ROCK N' ROLL The Chipmunks
Song lyric Tonight You Belong to Me TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME The Chipmunks
Song lyric Up On The Housetop UP ON THE HOUSETOP The Chipmunks
Song lyric Uptown Funk UPTOWN FUNK The Chipmunks
Song lyric You Really Got Me YOU REALLY GOT ME The Chipmunks