the hiatus

Formed by Takeshi Hosomi during the spring of 2009 after Ellegarden announced their hiatus in May 2008. Their official site defines the HIATUS as "a project of music and art, depicters.". The Hiatus started as Takeshi Hosomi's solo project without live performance, and other members were gathered to record the first album. Other members include guitarist Masasucks (FULLSCRATCH), bassist Ueno Koji (Radio Caroline, ex-TMGE), drummer Kashikura Takashi (toe), and pianist Horie Hirohisa (Neil & Iraiza).

at the very beginning Hosomi start the HIATUS by wrote all the songs except for two songs which he wrote with Masasucks, and he produced the album in collaboration with Horie.
On May 25, 2009, it was newly announced that keyboardist Ichiyou Izawa from Tokyo Jihen and drummer Masakazu Ichinose from Asparagus joined as tour artists.

On May 27, 2009, their first album, Trash We'd Love, was released. Because of the band members' background popularity, their album reached No. 1 on the Oricon albums chart in Japan.

from the time being the HIATUS has now released 3 full-length album aside their first album. there are Anomaly on June 30, 2010 and A World Of Pandemonium on November 23, 2011 in which they colaborated with Jamie Blake (tracks 4 : Souls and Tracks 10 : On Your Way Home).

recently they released a Studio Live Session DVD called The Afterglow where they accompanied by a small orchestra and with Jamie also.