The Law

There are four bands with the name The Law.

1: Hailing from Dundee, and riding on a new wave of enthusiasm for new music in the town, The Law first came to light playing at the Doghouse. As a powerful 4 piece, they initially got together writing & playing songs as a means of venting frustration at birds and bosses, and have grown hugely in the past year.

Several sessions at the T-Pot Studios with established producer Robin Evans and a recent UK tour with mates The View has earned the band nationwide interest. With a set of album worthy tunes and more songs in the making The Law are set for a busy 2007.......

2: The Law was an English rock group fronted by Paul Rodgers of Free, Queen and Bad Company fame and Kenny Jones of The Faces/The Who fame. The band put out 1 album in 1991 entitled The Law.

3: The Law is a thrash metal band from Karlstad, Sweden. Their song "Anthem" is feautured on the thrash-metal documentary Get Thrashed, playing the title track. All members have prior to forming The Law, played in different death-metal outfits.

4. The Law was a danish rock band who played retro (or classic) rock, on the live circuit in Copenhagen in the early and mid 90's. Live and demo recordings exists from eg. DR.

Song lyric A Tribute To Maia A TRIBUTE TO MAIA The Law
Song lyric Anak Band ANAK BAND The Law
Song lyric Band Pop BAND POP The Law
Song lyric Dalam Gelap Malam (feat Anton) DALAM GELAP MALAM (FEAT ANTON) The Law
Song lyric Dhani Mulan DHANI MULAN The Law
Song lyric Dhani-Mulan DHANI-MULAN The Law
Song lyric Goyang Goyang Feat Tata Mahadewi GOYANG GOYANG FEAT TATA MAHADEWI The Law
Song lyric Laying Dow the Law LAYING DOW THE LAW The Law
Song lyric Nungguin Maghrib NUNGGUIN MAGHRIB The Law
Song lyric Putri PUTRI The Law