The McCoys

The McCoys was a pop group started in Union City, Indiana, USA in 1962.

The original members were guitarist Rick Derringer (Rick Zehringer), his brother Randy on drums and bass player Dennis Kelly, a lineup called "Rick and the Raiders", then later known as "The Rick Z Combo". When Dennis Kelly left for college, the Zehringers were joined by bassist Randy Hobbs, saxophonist Sean Michaels and keyboardist Ronnie Brandon. This was the lineup that took the name of "The McCoys".

One of their most known songs is Hang on Sloopy which was #1 in America in October and is the state rock song of Ohio. Other hits include a top ten cover of Fever and a top 40 cover of Come On Let's Go. A cover of Fever's flip side, Sorrow, was a hit in the UK for The Merseys, and was later covered by David Bowie.

Song lyric Hang On Sloopy HANG ON SLOOPY The McCoys
Song lyric Fever FEVER The McCoys
Song lyric Another Night ANOTHER NIGHT The McCoys
Song lyric Come And Get Your Love COME AND GET YOUR LOVE The McCoys
Song lyric One More Time ONE MORE TIME The McCoys
Song lyric Run Away RUN AWAY The McCoys