The Wreckers

There are at least two artists with this name:
1) A jazz group formed in the late 1950s by Polish jazz pianist Andrzej Trzaskowski
2) A country duo formed when Grammy Award Winner Michelle Branch recruited fan and later, backing singer, Jessica Harp — who, at the time, was en route to signing a record deal of her own — on a new musical venture, incorporating elements from both Michelle's pop-rock style and Jessica's classical style into a unique-sounding amalgamation.

Soon, their song, The Good Kind — originally recorded solely by Jessica — was featured on the hit teen soap opera One Tree Hill. They performed this song on the show on February 8, 2005. Later that month, the duo embarked on the month-long, nation-wide One Tree Hill Tour along with Gavin DeGraw, Tyler Hilton, and Bethany Joy Lenz. Michelle later expressed her dislike of going on tour without releasing an album first. "Stand Still, Look Pretty" became that album. It was released on May 23, 2006, debuting at number fourteen on the U.S. Billboard 200 with 44,000 copies sold in its first week. Though the market for country music is generally smaller in the UK compared to the United States, the album reached number one on the country chart on that side of the Atlantic.

The Wreckers broke up in 2008

Song lyric The Good Kind THE GOOD KIND The Wreckers
Song lyric Stand Still, Look Pretty STAND STILL, LOOK PRETTY The Wreckers
Song lyric Lay Me Down LAY ME DOWN The Wreckers
Song lyric Tennessee TENNESSEE The Wreckers
Song lyric Cigarettes CIGARETTES The Wreckers
Song lyric Way Back Home WAY BACK HOME The Wreckers
Song lyric Rain RAIN The Wreckers
Song lyric My, Oh My MY, OH MY The Wreckers
Song lyric Hard To Love You HARD TO LOVE YOU The Wreckers
Song lyric I'm Feelin' You I'M FEELIN' YOU The Wreckers
Song lyric Leave The Pieces LEAVE THE PIECES The Wreckers
Song lyric Only Crazy People ONLY CRAZY PEOPLE The Wreckers
Song lyric Strawberry Wine STRAWBERRY WINE The Wreckers