Tic Band

TIC Band is a band from Surabaya, Indonesia.
TIC Band consists of Ogie Megadalle (vocals), Doni Kurniawan (guitar), Prihanto (bass), and Bagus Ramadhani (drums).
First issued in 1999 titled album Tidak Jelas. Their first album in terms of sales did not match expectations.
New to the second album entitled Terbaik Untukmu their achieve sympathy from music lovers.
This album was quite successful in the marketplace at that time and the video clips played on television often enough.
Hit single certainly songs Terbaik Untukmu, with her second single titled Perbedaan.

Song lyric Terbaik Untukmu TERBAIK UNTUKMU TIC Band
Song lyric Jiwa Sang Pencinta JIWA SANG PENCINTA Tic Band
Song lyric Mata Hati MATA HATI Tic Band
Song lyric Perbedaan PERBEDAAN Tic Band
Song lyric Perjalanan Cinta PERJALANAN CINTA Tic Band
Song lyric Sahaja Cinta SAHAJA CINTA TIC Band
Song lyric Semestinya Kita SEMESTINYA KITA Tic Band
Song lyric Tidak Jelas TIDAK JELAS Tic Band