Timaya is a Nigerian singer from Bayelsa.He started from Port Harcourt as a teenager in Nkpolu Oroworukwo secondary school were he won so many awards in schools competitions and moved to Lagos at his parents request to stay with his elder sister and complete his secondary education. He schooled at Ikeja high school in Mafoluku, Lagos. He had some early collaborations with some underground artists and was a back up singer for Eedris Abdulkarem. He fetured in an unreleased video by UDX a rap group in lagos. Namse Udosen was one of his early mentors in the music game back in Lagos in the early 2000s. Namse A.K.A menthol x laced the rap verse on Pomporo a hit track on his debut album "True Story".

Song lyric Ah Blem Blem AH BLEM BLEM Timaya
Song lyric Balance BALANCE Timaya
Song lyric Bam Bam BAM BAM Timaya
Song lyric Dance DANCE Timaya
Song lyric I Can't Kill Myself I CAN'T KILL MYSELF Timaya
Song lyric I Concur I CONCUR Timaya
Song lyric Kom Kom KOM KOM Timaya
Song lyric Pull Up PULL UP Timaya
Song lyric Telli Person TELLI PERSON Timaya
Song lyric To U TO U Timaya
Song lyric Woyo WOYO Timaya