1)Tofu is an Indonesian Group who already had 3 album Tofu (2001),Dua (2003),Dua (Neoformation) (2004)

2)Tofu is the pseudonym of Zack Wisner, a small time beat maker currently residing in Lexington, KY. Does Remixes, and beats of his own. Also DJ's on internet stations when he can get a gig. Tools include: Fruity Loops Studio 4, Hammerhead Rythm Station, and Virtual DJ. HAs a newly created website currently being developed, currently also dealing with errors changing hosting servers to remove the stupid annoyinf free hosting banner thingy.

Song lyric Aku Padamu AKU PADAMU Tofu
Song lyric Cinta Abadi CINTA ABADI Tofu
Song lyric Cinta Semu CINTA SEMU Tofu
Song lyric Hidup Cuma Sekali HIDUP CUMA SEKALI Tofu
Song lyric Hương Hồng Hoa (feat. PC) HƯƠNG HỒNG HOA (FEAT. PC) Tofu
Song lyric Phiêu Bồng PHIÊU BỒNG Tofu
Song lyric Takkan TAKKAN Tofu