Tomok or Shah Indrawan Ismail started in the industry in 1999 with the band Newboyz. After their 6th album Tomok starts pursuing a new solo career by joining Malaysian's top reality show One In A Million and became the first male artist to win the competition.

With the new hit Rindu Terhent and Berlari, Tomok promises outstanding performances with his new voice and appearance that people never heard of before. Tomok released his debut self-titled album in 2010 and currently 6 out of 12 songs in the album has been aired in Malaysian radio. 2 of the songs went into AJL 24 and AJL 25. Tomok was nominated into the AIM 2010 finals for best new male artiste.

Tomok is still the lead singer of Newboyz (NB) and will come out with new material with them soon.

Song lyric Aku Datang AKU DATANG Tomok
Song lyric Bagaikan Bidadari BAGAIKAN BIDADARI Tomok
Song lyric Bekas Kekasih BEKAS KEKASIH Tomok
Song lyric Cinta Tak Pergi CINTA TAK PERGI Tomok