Tony An

Tony An (born on June 7, 1978) is a South Korean musician best known for being part of the popular K-pop boy band H.O.T.. After H.O.T. disbanded, its ex-members Tony An, Jang Woo Hyuk and Lee Jae Won formed the dance music trio JTL. Eventually, JTL unofficially disbanded as each member, including Tony, released solo material. He is also the CEO of TN Entertainment, a music entertainment company, Skoolooks, a school uniform company, and Shinenihs, an undergarment company. Popular comedians Jung Hyung Don and Jo Hye Ryun are both part of TN Entertainment. He studied stage performance at the graduate level at Dongguk University.

Volume 1 - Believe (2004)
Volume 2 - Yutzpracachia's Love (2006)

Song lyric Blue Sky BLUE SKY Tony An
Song lyric Automatic AUTOMATIC Tony An
Song lyric Player PLAYER Tony An
Song lyric Behind The Clouds BEHIND THE CLOUDS Tony An
Song lyric I Am Sad I AM SAD Tony An
Song lyric I Love You I LOVE YOU Tony An
Song lyric She Is Waiting Of Me SHE IS WAITING OF ME Tony An
Song lyric She Walks To Me SHE WALKS TO ME Tony An
Song lyric Stay With Nice Person (feat. May) STAY WITH NICE PERSON (FEAT. MAY) Tony An