Too Phat

Too Phat is a Malaysian hip-hop duo that was touted to bring the Malaysian Hip-Hop scene to greater heights. The group consists of Joe Flizzow and Malique Ibrahim.

In the late 1990s Joe and Malique formed a musical duo under the Positive Tone label. Their first big break took place in 1999 when their first singles, Li'l Fingaz and Too Phat Baby entered normal rotation on local radio.

Joe and Malique's first recorded collaboration won so many fans that the producers quickly began work on their new album, entitled Plan B. So far, Plan B has sold over 45,000 copies and has garnered a double platinum award. Cashing in on the duo's fame, recording label Positive Tone, a subsidiary of EMI International, produced a re-issue of Plan B entitled Plan B Platinum Edition, the CD pack included two new songs, "Clap to This" and "Last Song". Song lyrics were also included in the Platinum Edition and all albums and singles thereafter.

The music video for a track from Plan B, "Just a Friend", was produced in collaboration with Maxis Hotlink and debuted on Malaysian television channel ntv7. The video features cameo appearances from local artistes M. Nasir, Fauziah Latiff and Ferhad, and Malaysian track & field athlete Watson Nyambek. Most of the scenes were shot locally, in the city of Kuala Lumpur. The group took a brave step and included issues regarding homosexuality in the video, addressing a topic which is usually avoided in conservative Malaysia. "Just a Friend" became the first music video produced by a local music act to be shown on national television.

Too Phat have also collaborated with American hip hop artist Warren G, bringing them much credibility in a genre perceived to be more rooted in African-American culture.

In 2005, they produced their latest album Rebirth Into Reality featuring various hip-hop artists from East Asia. The album's first single Dua Dunia features award winning Malaysian singer Siti Nurhaliza.

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Song lyric Just A Friend JUST A FRIEND Too Phat
Song lyric Anak Ayam (Freak To The Beat) ANAK AYAM (FREAK TO THE BEAT) Too Phat
Song lyric Alhamdulillah ALHAMDULILLAH Too Phat
Song lyric Jezzebelle JEZZEBELLE Too Phat
Song lyric Just A Lil' Bit JUST A LIL' BIT Too Phat
Song lyric Alhamdullilah ALHAMDULLILAH Too Phat
Song lyric 6 MC's 6 MC'S Too Phat
Song lyric Ala Canggung II ALA CANGGUNG II Too Phat
Song lyric Alhamdulillah II ALHAMDULILLAH II Too Phat
Song lyric Alhamdullilah (malay Version) ALHAMDULLILAH (MALAY VERSION) Too Phat
Song lyric Ali Baba & The Mic Thieves ALI BABA & THE MIC THIEVES Too Phat
Song lyric Bla  Bla (feat. G Soul  Malique & Joe Flizzow & Reefa) BLA BLA (FEAT. G SOUL MALIQUE & JOE FLIZZOW & REEFA) Too Phat
Song lyric Bla  Bla (feat. G Soul & Malique & Joe Flizzow & Reefa) BLA BLA (FEAT. G SOUL & MALIQUE & JOE FLIZZOW & REEFA) Too Phat
Song lyric Bo M O  h (illegal  Malique & Joe Flizzow & Lady Dee) BO M O H (ILLEGAL MALIQUE & JOE FLIZZOW & LADY DEE) Too Phat
Song lyric Bo-M.O.-H BO-M.O.-H Too Phat
Song lyric Boogie Down (Malique & Damien  Malique & Joe Flizzow) BOOGIE DOWN (MALIQUE & DAMIEN MALIQUE & JOE FLIZZOW) Too Phat
Song lyric Dua Dunia (feat. Siti Nurhaliza) DUA DUNIA (FEAT. SITI NURHALIZA) Too Phat
Song lyric Last Song LAST SONG Too Phat
Song lyric Run RUN Too Phat
Song lyric Tell Shorty TELL SHORTY Too Phat
Song lyric Wanna Battle? WANNA BATTLE? Too Phat
Song lyric Whutthadilly (Original Mix) WHUTTHADILLY (ORIGINAL MIX) Too Phat
Song lyric Whutthadilly (Too Ill Mix) WHUTTHADILLY (TOO ILL MIX) Too Phat