topi jerami

Topi Jerami Started in the end of 2004, the first concept in music was a funny band, cause we won't be serious at the time!, it was born in Bogor, a rainy town with full of fun and a punk rock spirit!

As time goes by, topi jerami has changed their members and play so many different stages and different location, of course in local stages. We also renew our music concept into more marketable music, especially in teenager's ears. It'll give them more spirit!

The Member of this pop punk band is Yagee (Sing & Guitar), Cephy (Guitar), Cuplizz (Bass), Riza (Midi & Boards), Shael (Drums), untill now we're still a solid team, worked together and getting all the things together!, it's seriously fun.

Topi Jerami also had a first debut release, which contains 8 fresh songs from their new music concept. Many people and kids singing along with our songs, and many achievement we've got as long as we through this.