Topo Gigio

Now recording under the name rec.tangle, Adrien Rodes creates beautiful, intricate tunes that seem disjointed but are held together thanks to some beautiful melodies. There's a real maturity to this music as well as an innocence that possibly comes from Adrien's early start at the tender age of 13… ' I remember recording some sounds; cracking and creaking out of a cheap bass and some mic feedback onto a 4 track sounded worse than it looks on paper! '

Song lyric Como Mi Papá COMO MI PAPÁ Topo Gigio
Song lyric El Besito De Las Buenas Noches EL BESITO DE LAS BUENAS NOCHES Topo Gigio
Song lyric Strapazzami Di Coccole STRAPAZZAMI DI COCCOLE Topo Gigio