Trae is a Southern rapper from Houston, Texas. With his cousin Z-Ro, he is a part of the underground rap group Screwed Up Click. Trae and Z-Ro, along with Trae's other cousin Dougie D, are the founding members of the group Guerilla Maab.

Trae's trademark is a low, deep, guttural voice. His flow is very fast. In these two areas his style is somewhat reminiscent of Z-Ro's, as well as that of Flesh-N-Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Trae sometimes, though not always, mixes multiple vocal layers into his songs.

Trae first gained exposure on the Houston rap scene when he appeared on Z-Ro's album 'Look What You Did to Me'. In 2003, he began his solo career with the album 'Losing Composure'. 'Same Thing Different Day' (2004) and the acclaimed 'Restless' (2006) soon followed. Trae is currently signed to Rap-A-Lot Records.

He was featured in a video called Smash Exclusive: Houston Mic Pass with Lil' Flip, Chamillionaire, Chingo Bling, Bun B, Short Dawg, Big Hawk, and Mike D. He also appeared on the official remix of Yung Joc's song "It's Goin' Down", which earned Joc national attention and became one of the biggest mainstream pop hits of 2006.

"Real Talk" was featured on the soundtrack to the video game Madden NFL 07. Trae won an Ozone Award for Patiently Waiting Artist for Texas.

Song lyric Quit Calling Me QUIT CALLING ME Trae
Song lyric Swang SWANG Trae
Song lyric Against All Odds AGAINST ALL ODDS Trae
Song lyric Cadillac CADILLAC Trae
Song lyric Coming Around that Corner COMING AROUND THAT CORNER Trae
Song lyric Dedicated 2 You DEDICATED 2 YOU Trae
Song lyric Dedicated to You DEDICATED TO YOU Trae
Song lyric Doing My Thang (feat. Russell Lee) DOING MY THANG (FEAT. RUSSELL LEE) Trae
Song lyric Dueces DUECES Trae
Song lyric Earthquake EARTHQUAKE Trae
Song lyric Gangsta Life GANGSTA LIFE Trae
Song lyric Ghetto Queen GHETTO QUEEN Trae
Song lyric Goin' Cop a Drop GOIN' COP A DROP Trae
Song lyric I'm On 2.0 I'M ON 2.0 Trae
Song lyric I'm from Texas I'M FROM TEXAS Trae
Song lyric Inkredible INKREDIBLE Trae
Song lyric Life Goes On LIFE GOES ON Trae
Song lyric Matter of Time MATTER OF TIME Trae
Song lyric No Help NO HELP Trae
Song lyric Nuthin' 2 a Boss NUTHIN' 2 A BOSS Trae
Song lyric Outro OUTRO Trae
Song lyric Pop Trunk Wave POP TRUNK WAVE Trae
Song lyric Rain RAIN Trae
Song lyric Representin REPRESENTIN Trae
Song lyric Screwed Done Already Warned Me SCREWED DONE ALREADY WARNED ME Trae
Song lyric Still My Nigga STILL MY NIGGA Trae
Song lyric Still on Da Southside (feat. Russell Lee) STILL ON DA SOUTHSIDE (FEAT. RUSSELL LEE) Trae
Song lyric Swang (feat. Fat Pat and Hawk) SWANG (FEAT. FAT PAT AND HAWK) Trae