Two Danish guys, Lars Frederiksen (30) and Søren Weile (28), decided that although listening to techno was fun, making it was better! So in 1990 they formed Zekt, producing hardcore techno, 3 years later they got their first record deal with "Adam & Eve"(Germany). With the release of their second EP, they earned much acclaim for the track "External" which ended up on several German CD compilations, including the well-known Thunderdome compilation.

They also played live at raves, clubs and some of the larger festivals in Denmark.

After working with Adam & Eve they decided to broaden their horizon having tracks released with record companies through Europe and America.

Towards the end of '98 they took a fancy to a new sound, trance. Trance from the UK and Holland provided new inspiration, and they left their hardcore tunes behind…

The first track they released, turned out to be the vocal trance track "Light A Rainbow". This track was introduced to the well-known German record company Drizzly Records, and was their first release under the new name Tukan.

"Light A Rainbow" was ranked # 4 in the German dance chart and was featured on a number of the biggest compilations in Germany. In UK it was signed on by Incentive. and "Light A Rainbow" peaked at # 6 on the UK dance chart, and was ranked # 38 on the UK Top 75 single chart. Like in Germany, it was also featured on some most popular compilations in UK, including M.O.S. clubbers guide 2002, Judge Jules' Clubbed and The Annual 2002. It was also singled out as "Record of the week" by Dave Pearce, and" Tried and Tested" by judge Jules.

Tukan released their second track "When You Hear The Silence", this time using a male vocal, trying to do something slightly different. "When you hear the silence" peaked at no. 14 on the official German Dance chart, (ODC), it got a lot of airplay all around Europe, and was even released in Spain.

At the end of 2002 things really started to take off, they were now remixing, writing and producing for others. Around this time they started a new AKA, creating yet another new sound by fusing the more harmonious trance tunes with the harder sound of their original productions from the 90's. The new AKA, F&W, (Frederiksen & Weile), and the new sound has been very well received by some of biggest DJ's around.

Meanwhile, along side the new F&W productions, they've just finished their 3rd Tukan single.

Song lyric Aylar Olmuş AYLAR OLMUŞ Tuğkan
Song lyric Belki De BELKI DE Tuğkan
Song lyric Civciv CIVCIV Tuğkan
Song lyric Ele Layık ELE LAYIK Tuğkan
Song lyric Geber GEBER Tuğkan
Song lyric Light a Rainbow LIGHT A RAINBOW Tukan
Song lyric Sen Benim SEN BENIM Tuğkan