Tunas Bangsa Simphony

We born in November 25th 2000, in a lovely small town called Purwokerto - Central Java, Indonesia.
The members are; Orchid, Bayu,Yunantha, Karbel, Eclesia and Harry. We play some indie-pop musics, which called twee-pop, sounds like "the Cardigans" mixed with "All Girl Summer Fun" band taste. Remembering the time always go by, so the members were changed because of personal purposes, which they choose to get job formally behind the desk...hmm, of course we respect them much to live well.

Our style at gigs; we play simplicity, none dress code, honestly face, love smilly taste, little digital electric communication, and some boggie oldiest dance with digital boob. Sometimes in the stage we also interrupt with some instruments such as; trumpet, keyboard, loops, and violin.

We almost get some campus gigs in here, local indiepop gig's scene, a few charity stages, also in other local indiepop events.

In the "air" we get some booze radio's top chart in indiepop music programs. Also, reviwed on few local zine, magazine, and newspapers.
"A cheerfull twee-pop from Purwokerto!"..oh yeah!..damdididamdam...our mini-album, named FEEL THIS (E.P) 2003, it's succesfully sold-out!
We still struggling until these year in our local indiepop scene, still produce some creative minds and cheerfull atmosphere.

Our local community always support us to get some better records which can spread love and respect free minds with us.

More love - more us...get some love with us...lets singing, one - two - three...please more care with anybody..because love's too short.

Song lyric Love In Summer Versi 1 LOVE IN SUMMER VERSI 1 Tunas Bangsa Simphony