$uicideboy$ is an American hip hop duo from New Orleans, Louisiana, founded in 2014 by cousins Ruby da Cherry and $crim. Via the music sharing platform SoundCloud, the duo rose to popularity for their abrasive, self-produced beats, as well as their harsh lyrical content and themes prominently featuring substance use disorder and suicidal ideation. The duo are considered one of the most popular artists in the underground rap scene, and are also considered to have a cult following. They own and operate their own label, G*59 Records, under which all of their music is signed.

The music of Suicideboys varies between different subgenres of rap; while some songs have melancholy tones with lyrical content that focuses on subjects such as depression and suicidal ideation (topics not widely exposed in rap music), others are wildly aggressive, with themes of violence and sexual content. Some of their music is based around life growing up in New Orleans; song titles such as Audubon, Tulane, Elysian Fields and St. Bernard reflect streets and neighborhoods that influenced the life of Arceneaux and Petrou. A large portion of their music focuses on depression and its symptoms, an angle not often received in mainstream hip hop; Arceneaux elaborated on this in an interview with Mass Appeal, stating, “A lot of people take it as emo, or depressed music, or negative music... it’s really just connecting. It’s therapy, through music". Excluding occasional guest producers, the entirety of Suicideboys' discography is self-produced, mainly by Arceneaux under his pseudonym Budd Dwyer (an homage to the former politician of the same name).

$crim was born Scott Arceneaux Jr. on April 11, 1989 in Marrero, Louisiana. Arceneaux originally was inspired by T-Pain and Kanye West to produce music, buying his first laptop which he used to start DJing with money gained from selling drugs. Arceneaux's passion for DJing extended when he started to attend Delgado Community College, where he was hired to DJ parties. He also worked selling used furniture, getting fired for his new hand tattoos after three years.

Ruby da Cherry was born Aristos Petrou (Αρίστος Πέτρου) on April 22, 1990 to an American mother and Greek Cypriot father. Raised in Metairie, Louisiana, Petrou's interest in music began when he was seven, playing violin and then drums when he was ten, eventually joining bands in middle school. He worked at his father's restaurant as a waiter, a job he held until 2015. His experience with the punk rock scene continued as he joined the band Vapo-Rats as its drummer; however, disillusioned with the apathy his bandmates showed towards the future of the band, Petrou left in order to pursue a career in hip-hop with Arceneaux.

Arceneaux and Petrou are cousins, and as such shared a close relationship growing up. Realising that both were interested in taking a musical career seriously, and both dissatisfied with the direction of their lives, the two formed Suicideboys, making a pact that if their musical career didn’t work out, they would both commit suicide. Elaborating on this in an interview with Mass Appeal, Arceneaux states that, “it was pretty much like cutting the hand, bleeding, and making a pact that there’s no plan B, that if this doesn’t happen by the time we’re 30, I’m blowing my head off”.

The duo's first project together, a three-track EP named Kill Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga, was released in June 2014 on SoundCloud and Bandcamp, attracting attention for their collaboration with notable underground rapper Bones. In the following months, the duo released a further nine iterations of the Kill Yourself series. After a number of collaboration EPs with fellow underground artist Black Smurf, their first full length project titled Gray/Grey was released on March 3, 2015.

Suicideboys' underground breakthrough came with the release of 2015 EP $outh $ide $uicide, a collaboration with established South Florida rapper Pouya, which thrust the duo into the underground rap spotlight. Other 2015 releases include 7th or St. Tammany, YUNGDEATHLILLIFE, High Tide in the Snake's Nest, Grey Sheep EP, I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (part I and II), My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can't, Now The Moon's Rising and G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S. with fellow g59 rapper RAMIREZ.

The duo's first foray onto the mainstream musical charts came with the release of Radical $uicide in the summer of 2016. The five-track EP, produced by EDM musician Getter, peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Rap charts. Other 2016 releases include Dark Side of the Clouds, Grey Sheep II, Eternal Grey, I No Longer Fear The Razor Guarding My Heel (part III), G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.I.I. with [artis]RAMIREZ, DIRTYNASTY$UICIDE with GERM, and Black $uicide Side C with Black Smurf.

In 2017 the boys released another 10 iterations of the Kill Yourself series, they also dropped DIRTIERNASTIER$UICIDE, with GERM.

On September 7, 2018, their debut studio album I Want to Die in New Orleans was released. A statement posted by the duo's official Instagram account stated, "We started recording this album in the beginning of 2017. Initially we wanted to write about our experiences on the road and express how our lives had become slightly more extravagant."

In late 2018, a rumor arose that the group had broken up following a series of ominous tweets. However, they soon clarified that the tweets were in relation to "personal issues" facing Arceneaux, and that they had in fact not broken up.

Song lyric Paris PARIS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Antarctica ANTARCTICA $uicideboy$
Song lyric $Uicider $UICIDER $uicideboy$
Song lyric $hrimp Poboy $HRIMP POBOY $uicideBoy$
Song lyric $outh $ide $uicide $OUTH $IDE $UICIDE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric ...And to Those I Love, Thanks for Sticking Around ...AND TO THOSE I LOVE, THANKS FOR STICKING AROUND $uicideboy$
Song lyric 100 Blunts 100 BLUNTS $uicideboy$
Song lyric 122 Days 122 DAYS $uicideboy$
Song lyric 20th Centurion 20TH CENTURION $uicideBoy$
Song lyric 2nd Hand 2ND HAND $uicideboy$
Song lyric 40 Oz. & Sober 40 OZ. & SOBER $uicideboy$
Song lyric 6 6 6 F O R E V E R 6 6 6 F O R E V E R $uicideBoy$
Song lyric 93 Premium 93 PREMIUM $uicideBoy$
Song lyric A Girl Named Drool and a Pack of Kools A GIRL NAMED DROOL AND A PACK OF KOOLS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Aite, Bet. AITE, BET. $uicideboy$
Song lyric All Dogs Go to Heaven ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN $uicideboy$
Song lyric All That Glitters Is Not Gold, But It's Still Damn Beautiful ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD, BUT IT'S STILL DAMN BEAUTIFUL $uicideboy$
Song lyric Am/Pm AM/PM $uicideboy$
Song lyric Aokigahara AOKIGAHARA $uicideboy$
Song lyric Aphrodite {The Aquatic Ape Theory} APHRODITE {THE AQUATIC APE THEORY} $uicideboy$
Song lyric April Mourning APRIL MOURNING $uicideboy$
Song lyric Ashtray ASHTRAY $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Audubon AUDUBON $uicideboy$
Song lyric Back From the Dead BACK FROM THE DEAD $uicideboy$
Song lyric Bags BAGS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Behold a Pale Horse BEHOLD A PALE HORSE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Black $uicide BLACK $UICIDE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Black Beard BLACK BEARD $uicideboy$
Song lyric Bring Out Your Dead BRING OUT YOUR DEAD $uicideboy$
Song lyric Broken(N) BROKEN(N) $uicideboy$
Song lyric CLYDE (I Hope At Least One of My Ex-Girlfriends Hears This) CLYDE (I HOPE AT LEAST ONE OF MY EX-GIRLFRIENDS HEARS THIS) $uicideboy$
Song lyric Can of Worms CAN OF WORMS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Carrollton CARROLLTON $uicideboy$
Song lyric Champion Of Death CHAMPION OF DEATH $uicideboy$
Song lyric Chariot of Fire CHARIOT OF FIRE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Chilly Gentilly CHILLY GENTILLY $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Clouds As Witnesses CLOUDS AS WITNESSES $uicideboy$
Song lyric Cold Turkey COLD TURKEY $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Coma COMA $uicideboy$
Song lyric Converting... CONVERTING... $uicideboy$
Song lyric DIEMONDS DIEMONDS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Dead Batteries DEAD BATTERIES $uicideboy$
Song lyric Dejection DEJECTION $uicideboy$
Song lyric Diemonds DIEMONDS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Do You Believe In God? DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD? $uicideboy$
Song lyric Dolemite DOLEMITE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Eclipse ECLIPSE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Either Hated Or Ignored EITHER HATED OR IGNORED $uicideboy$
Song lyric Either Hated or Ignored EITHER HATED OR IGNORED $uicideboy$
Song lyric Elysian Fields ELYSIAN FIELDS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Everest EVEREST $uicideboy$
Song lyric Evolution (Pretty Good Movie / Pretty Good Theory) EVOLUTION (PRETTY GOOD MOVIE / PRETTY GOOD THEORY) $uicideboy$
Song lyric Exodus EXODUS $uicideboy$
Song lyric F**k Your Culture F**K YOUR CULTURE $uicideboy$
Song lyric FUCK the Industry FUCK THE INDUSTRY $uicideboy$
Song lyric FUCKALLOFYOU2K18 FUCKALLOFYOU2K18 $uicideboy$
Song lyric Face It FACE IT $uicideboy$
Song lyric Fema Camps FEMA CAMPS $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Flodgin' FLODGIN' $uicideboy$
Song lyric Fold FOLD $uicideboy$
Song lyric For the Last Time FOR THE LAST TIME $uicideboy$
Song lyric From the Beginning of Time Until the End of Time FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME UNTIL THE END OF TIME $uicideboy$
Song lyric Fuck FUCK $uicideboy$
Song lyric Fuck Boy Blood Bath FUCK BOY BLOOD BATH $uicideboy$
Song lyric Fuck Your Culture FUCK YOUR CULTURE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Fuckthepopulation FUCKTHEPOPULATION $uicideboy$
Song lyric Gabapentin Getaway GABAPENTIN GETAWAY $uicideboy$
Song lyric Gaudy Pack Shawty GAUDY PACK SHAWTY $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Gloss Of Blood GLOSS OF BLOOD $uicideboy$
Song lyric Gluttony GLUTTONY $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Gold ('99-2000) GOLD ('99-2000) $uicideboy$
Song lyric Golden Calf GOLDEN CALF $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Goodbye GOODBYE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Grayscale GRAYSCALE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Grayscale GRAYSCALE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Gutting Catfish GUTTING CATFISH $uicideboy$
Song lyric Hair HAIR $uicideboy$
Song lyric Handzum $Uicide HANDZUM $UICIDE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Handzum Suicide (feat. Dylan Ross) HANDZUM SUICIDE (FEAT. DYLAN ROSS) $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Hard to Tell HARD TO TELL $uicideboy$
Song lyric Harvest Moon HARVEST MOON $uicideboy$
Song lyric Heavily Medicated HEAVILY MEDICATED $uicideboy$
Song lyric Here We Go Again HERE WE GO AGAIN $uicideBoy$
Song lyric I Am the Apocalypse I AM THE APOCALYPSE $uicideboy$
Song lyric I Hung Myself for a Persona I HUNG MYSELF FOR A PERSONA $uicideboy$
Song lyric I Met a Witch In the Woods I MET A WITCH IN THE WOODS $uicideboy$
Song lyric I Miss My Dead Friends I MISS MY DEAD FRIENDS $uicideboy$
Song lyric I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel (IV) I NO LONGER FEAR THE RAZOR GUARDING MY HEEL (IV) $uicideboy$
Song lyric I Think I'm Ian Read I THINK I'M IAN READ $uicideboy$
Song lyric I Wanna Be Romanticized I WANNA BE ROMANTICIZED $uicideboy$
Song lyric I Want To Believe I WANT TO BELIEVE $uicideboy$
Song lyric I Will Celebrate For Stepping On Broken Glass and Slipping On Stomach Soaked Floors I WILL CELEBRATE FOR STEPPING ON BROKEN GLASS AND SLIPPING ON STOMACH SOAKED FLOORS $uicideboy$
Song lyric I'll Pay For It (If I Want It) I'LL PAY FOR IT (IF I WANT IT) $uicideboy$
Song lyric I'm Done. I'M DONE. $uicideboy$
Song lyric INTROVERSION 2.0 INTROVERSION 2.0 $uicideboy$
Song lyric Iron Veil IRON VEIL $uicideboy$
Song lyric It's Hard To Win When You Always Lose IT'S HARD TO WIN WHEN YOU ALWAYS LOSE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Kill Yourself KILL YOURSELF $uicideboy$
Song lyric Kill Yourself KILL YOURSELF $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Kill Yourself (Part II) KILL YOURSELF (PART II) $uicideboy$
Song lyric Kill Yourself (Part III) KILL YOURSELF (PART III) $uicideboy$
Song lyric Kill Yourself, Pt. II KILL YOURSELF, PT. II $uicideboy$
Song lyric Kill Yourself, Pt. III KILL YOURSELF, PT. III $uicideboy$
Song lyric Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones KILLING 2 BIRDS WITH 22 STONES $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones ($UICIDEBOY$ X TRAVIS BARKER) KILLING 2 BIRDS WITH 22 STONES ($UICIDEBOY$ X TRAVIS BARKER) $uicideBoy$
Song lyric King Cobra (Drippin') KING COBRA (DRIPPIN') $uicideBoy$
Song lyric King Tulip KING TULIP $uicideboy$
Song lyric Lacombe LACOMBE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Lamar Avenue LAMAR AVENUE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Leave Me Alone LEAVE ME ALONE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Leave Your Things Behind II LEAVE YOUR THINGS BEHIND II $uicideboy$
Song lyric Lincoln Continental Memorial LINCOLN CONTINENTAL MEMORIAL $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Lincoln Continental Memorial (feat. Slug Christ) LINCOLN CONTINENTAL MEMORIAL (FEAT. SLUG CHRIST) $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Low Key LOW KEY $uicideboy$
Song lyric Lte LTE $uicideboy$
Song lyric MEGA ZEPH MEGA ZEPH $uicideboy$
Song lyric Magazine MAGAZINE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Malebranche MALEBRANCHE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Mannequins Are My Best of Friends MANNEQUINS ARE MY BEST OF FRIENDS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Marlboros & White Widow MARLBOROS & WHITE WIDOW $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Meet Mr. NICEGUY MEET MR. NICEGUY $uicideboy$
Song lyric Memoirs Of A Gorilla MEMOIRS OF A GORILLA $uicideboy$
Song lyric Mount Sinai MOUNT SINAI $uicideboy$
Song lyric Muddy Blunts MUDDY BLUNTS $uicideBoy$
Song lyric My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames from Hell MY FLAWS BURN THROUGH MY SKIN LIKE DEMONIC FLAMES FROM HELL $uicideboy$
Song lyric NOxygen NOXYGEN $uicideboy$
Song lyric New Chains, Same Shackles NEW CHAINS, SAME SHACKLES $uicideboy$
Song lyric Newport Reds NEWPORT REDS $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Nicotine Patches NICOTINE PATCHES $uicideboy$
Song lyric Nightmare Choir (I Been Asleep Too Long) NIGHTMARE CHOIR (I BEEN ASLEEP TOO LONG) $uicideboy$
Song lyric Nm Jc NM JC $uicideboy$
Song lyric Now I'm Up To My Neck With Offers NOW I'M UP TO MY NECK WITH OFFERS $uicideboy$
Song lyric O Pana! O PANA! $uicideboy$
Song lyric O' lord! I Have My Doubts O' LORD! I HAVE MY DOUBTS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Obey the Walrus OBEY THE WALRUS $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Omen OMEN $uicideBoy$
Song lyric One Last Look At The Damage ONE LAST LOOK AT THE DAMAGE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Oracle ORACLE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Paper Bag Mask PAPER BAG MASK $uicideboy$
Song lyric Phantom Menace PHANTOM MENACE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Pictures PICTURES $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Planting the Roots Only to Fall out the Tree PLANTING THE ROOTS ONLY TO FALL OUT THE TREE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Praisethedevil PRAISETHEDEVIL $uicideboy$
Song lyric Prince Tulip PRINCE TULIP $uicideboy$
Song lyric Putrid Pride PUTRID PRIDE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Rag Round My Skull RAG ROUND MY SKULL $uicideboy$
Song lyric Reign In Blood REIGN IN BLOOD $uicideboy$
Song lyric Rotten And Paralyzed In A Tropical Paradise ROTTEN AND PARALYZED IN A TROPICAL PARADISE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Rotten and Paralyzed in a Tropical Paradise ROTTEN AND PARALYZED IN A TROPICAL PARADISE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Ruby Is Finally Satisfied With His Verse RUBY IS FINALLY SATISFIED WITH HIS VERSE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Runnin' Thru the 7th With My Woadies RUNNIN' THRU THE 7TH WITH MY WOADIES $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Say Cheese and Die SAY CHEESE AND DIE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Second Coming SECOND COMING $uicideboy$
Song lyric Second Lines Come With Broken Souls SECOND LINES COME WITH BROKEN SOULS $uicideboy$
Song lyric Shattered Amethyst SHATTERED AMETHYST $uicideboy$
Song lyric Sleep Walk SLEEP WALK $uicideboy$
Song lyric Slenderman SLENDERMAN $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Slip on a Banana Clip SLIP ON A BANANA CLIP $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Slow Motion (feat. Supa) SLOW MOTION (FEAT. SUPA) $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Slow Motion Potion SLOW MOTION POTION $uicideboy$
Song lyric Smoked Out, Loced Out (Part II) SMOKED OUT, LOCED OUT (PART II) $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Sold My Soul To Satan Waiting In Line At The Mall SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN WAITING IN LINE AT THE MALL $uicideboy$
Song lyric Soul Doubt SOUL DOUBT $uicideboy$
Song lyric St. Bernard ST. BERNARD $uicideboy$
Song lyric Stop Calling Us Horrorcore STOP CALLING US HORRORCORE $uicideboy$
Song lyric T.R.U. (Totally Rotten Underground) T.R.U. (TOTALLY ROTTEN UNDERGROUND) $uicideboy$
Song lyric Temple Spray TEMPLE SPRAY $uicideboy$
Song lyric Tempura TEMPURA $uicideboy$
Song lyric That Just Isn't Empirically Possible THAT JUST ISN'T EMPIRICALLY POSSIBLE $uicideboy$
Song lyric The Nail To the Cross THE NAIL TO THE CROSS $uicideboy$
Song lyric The Road To Hell Is Highway 59 THE ROAD TO HELL IS HIGHWAY 59 $uicideBoy$
Song lyric The Road to Hell Is Highway 59 (feat. Rvmirxz) THE ROAD TO HELL IS HIGHWAY 59 (FEAT. RVMIRXZ) $uicideBoy$
Song lyric The Sacred THE SACRED $uicideboy$
Song lyric Thieves THIEVES $uicideboy$
Song lyric To Have and Have Not TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT $uicideboy$
Song lyric To Kill a Mockingbird TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 TONY HAWK PRO SKATER 4 $uicideboy$
Song lyric Torcher TORCHER $uicideboy$
Song lyric Trapathy TRAPATHY $uicideboy$
Song lyric Treat 'Em Like A Prostitute TREAT 'EM LIKE A PROSTITUTE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Tulane TULANE $uicideboy$
Song lyric Uglier UGLIER $uicideboy$
Song lyric Ugly UGLY $uicideboy$
Song lyric Ultimate $uicide ULTIMATE $UICIDE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Underwater Malibu UNDERWATER MALIBU $uicideboy$
Song lyric VIVIVI VIVIVI $uicideboy$
Song lyric Venom VENOM $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Vices VICES $uicideboy$
Song lyric Vietnam VIETNAM $uicideboy$
Song lyric Vincent Van Gogh Ain't Got Shit On Me VINCENT VAN GOGH AIN'T GOT SHIT ON ME $uicideboy$
Song lyric Water $uicide WATER $UICIDE $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Weightoven WEIGHTOVEN $uicideBoy$
Song lyric West End WEST END $uicideBoy$
Song lyric What the Fuck Is Happening WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING $uicideboy$
Song lyric Who's Pills Are These? (What Bag Were They In?) WHO'S PILLS ARE THESE? (WHAT BAG WERE THEY IN?) $uicideBoy$
Song lyric Whoa, I'm Woeful WHOA, I'M WOEFUL $uicideboy$
Song lyric You're Now Tuning Into 66.6 FM With DJ Rapture (The Hottest Hour of the Evening) YOU'RE NOW TUNING INTO 66.6 FM WITH DJ RAPTURE (THE HOTTEST HOUR OF THE EVENING) $uicideboy$
Song lyric You're Now Tuning in to 66.6 FM with DJ Rapture YOU'RE NOW TUNING IN TO 66.6 FM WITH DJ RAPTURE $uicideboy$
Song lyric nothingleftnothingleft NOTHINGLEFTNOTHINGLEFT $uicideBoy$