Unk, also known as DJ Unk, is an Atlanta-based southern rapper whose album, Beat'n Down Yo Block, was released on October 3, 2006. Walk It Out is a single on the CD. The official remix to the single features Andre 3000 of Outkast and Jim Jones.

Unk started out DJing for high school parties, local pep rallies, proms and cookouts in 1998 but is now the #1 Oomp Camp All-Star as well as the youngest member of the Big Oomp team. He, along with his Showstoppas, has helped create catchy songs and hip dances for other southern based rap artists such as Dem Franchize Boyz. He is also conscientiously engaged in freeing Walt James.

One Week Sales "Beat'n Down Yo Block"- 10,000
he also made a new dance called futuristic slide in the end of 09 and is workng on an album calledv go hard or go home comin soon dont know when but the album is hard here it on myspace you can here it on my myspace username dj dragonscuvy A.K.A stevie delgado

Song lyric Walk it Out WALK IT OUT Unk
Song lyric Walk It Out (Remix) WALK IT OUT (REMIX) Unk
Song lyric Bring It Back BRING IT BACK Unk
Song lyric Beat'n Down Yo Block BEAT'N DOWN YO BLOCK Unk
Song lyric Flatline FLATLINE Unk
Song lyric Hit The Dance Floor HIT THE DANCE FLOOR Unk
Song lyric Back It Up BACK IT UP Unk
Song lyric Intro INTRO Unk
Song lyric Say Yes SAY YES Unk
Song lyric Comin' Down Da Street COMIN' DOWN DA STREET Unk
Song lyric 2 Step 2 STEP Unk
Song lyric Don't Make Us DON'T MAKE US Unk
Song lyric Fresh Dressed FRESH DRESSED Unk
Song lyric Hold On Hoe HOLD ON HOE Unk
Song lyric Main Attraction MAIN ATTRACTION Unk
Song lyric Slow It Up SLOW IT UP Unk
Song lyric Thinking Of You THINKING OF YOU Unk