There are 5 bands with the name Velveteen

1: A band from London formed in 2012 combining post-punk, surf and shoegaze sensibilities. Sun-kissed music and melody. Velveteen released their debut 'Wasteland EP' towards the end of 2012.

2: A four piece indie rock band from Frankfurt/Germany. In April 2008, the band's album Home Waters was used as an april's fools joke by the manager of Moving Mountains, telling it's a leaked version of Death Cab For Cutie's new album, Narrow Stairs. The joke was pretty much successful due to the band's similar sound.

3: A rock band from Copenhagen/Denmark. They descripe themselves as the point of intersection between the intensity of distorted rock energy and the intimacy of melody.

The band plays music with manifest references to the rock scene of the early nineties but they infuse into the music a quality of topicality and presence. The inspiration is primarily found in the crackling facades of the metropolis and the feign decadence that saturates human interaction in general.

This danish band - which is a classic rock-constellation consisting of drums, bass, distorted guitars, and vocals, has been around since 2005.

They have recently recorded a 4 track EP, entitled "Traffic lights and neon signs" (2009).

4: An indie-pop/garage band from Portugal. They have recorded two demos in k7 by the indie label Bee Keeper.

5 An 80s new wave/synth pop band consisting of Lisa Burns and Sal Maida that released their 12" "After Hours" in 1983.

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