Victor Hutabarat

Victor Hutabarat (born in Palembang, South Sumatra, August 29, 1955, age 59 years) is an Indonesian singer popular in the 1980s. He was the fifth of nine children. Singing is part of family life, since childhood. small at the time, his father was a piano player and singer, Victor guiding voice in art.

He never learned to play guitar in developing musical talent. Follow studio Vokalia at RRI, the guidance of the late father of Andi Mulya, in 1982 were just as feasible as well, the oldest brother in the family of (eq.) Meyer Hutabarat. Victor Hutabarat has a wife named Yolanda makasunggal and has two children named KeshiaViola Nabasa Lamtiur Hutabarat and Lavico Hagasa Moradongan Hutabarat.

Obtainment of success now is not reached in a short time. Batak-blooded singer has spawned many Indonesian pop song album and track Batak sufficient demand in the market at the time. Besides, also some spiritual album. He is also good to bring foreign nostalgic songs that were popular in 1950-1980an. So often appeared to fill fill the song Memories events in orders and private television stations nationwide.

Song lyric Aku MilikMu Yesus Tuhanku Kj.362 AKU MILIKMU YESUS TUHANKU KJ.362 Victor Hutabarat
Song lyric Fatwa Pujangga FATWA PUJANGGA Victor Hutabarat
Song lyric Iring Dikau Tuhan IRING DIKAU TUHAN Victor Hutabarat
Song lyric Kabulkanlah KABULKANLAH Victor Hutabarat
Song lyric Ku Tak Dapat Jalan Sendiri KU TAK DAPAT JALAN SENDIRI Victor Hutabarat
Song lyric Sai Anju Ma Au SAI ANJU MA AU Victor Hutabarat
Song lyric Semalam Di Malaysia SEMALAM DI MALAYSIA Victor Hutabarat
Song lyric Tuhan Dengar Jerit AnakMu TUHAN DENGAR JERIT ANAKMU Victor Hutabarat