Viky Sianipar

Viky Sianipar, born June 26 1976, is one of the Indonesian musicians who dedicates himself in world music. His music is mostly inspired by the rich Indonesian culture and environment, especially North Sumatera, a place where his anchestor come from. His obsession is to promote traditional Batak music to the world by collaborating it with modern music.

1. TOBA DREAM 1 (2002)
2. TOBA DREAM 2 Didiaho (2003)
3. NOMMENSEN (2004) feat. Tongam Sirait
4. DATANGLAH KERAJAANMU (2005) feat. SMB Vocal Contest 2005 Jakarta Finalists
5. HATAHONMA (2006) feat. Dipo Pardede
6. TOBA DREAM 3 (2008)
7. SATU (2008)

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Song lyric Anak Medan ANAK MEDAN Viky Sianipar
Song lyric Aut Boi Nian (From "Toba Dreams The Movie") AUT BOI NIAN (FROM "TOBA DREAMS THE MOVIE") Viky Sianipar
Song lyric Boasa BOASA Viky Sianipar
Song lyric Dang Marnamuba Ho (From "Toba Dreams The Movie") DANG MARNAMUBA HO (FROM "TOBA DREAMS THE MOVIE") Viky Sianipar
Song lyric Taringot Ahu TARINGOT AHU Viky Sianipar