Virtuocity is Power/neo-classical metal band from Finland created by Jaron Sebastian Ravenin (Jarno Keskinen). Band was formed in 2001.

Jaron Sebastian Raven started his career as solo artist and after many years he founded Virtuocity and in 2001 Virtuocity released debut album Secret Visions. Line up contained among many others Marco Hietala from Tarot and Jaska Raatikainen from Children of Bodom. After release of Secret Visions band experienced radical changes since Jaron Sebastian Raven and current vocalist Peter James Goodman found new members Joey Edith in drums, Michael Thomas in keyboards and Tom Joens in bass. In 2004 band released its second album Northern Twilight Symphony. In 2007 there were new lineup changes and all members were replaced except Jaron and last lineup contained Rieti Jauhiainen in drums, Roni Mikkonen in vocals, and Blackie in bass. Band released studio demo which was recorded and mixed in Studio 33 by Tero Holopainen and Mastered at Note on Janne Tolsa Studio.

Rieti Jauhiainen - Drums (Project Silence, Savo , Cosmic Dog, Tunteet-Organisaatio, Sacred)
Roni Mikkonen - Vocals (Taste Utopia , TWISTED SILENCE , Refrain, THE ROCKERS ,Sacred)
Blackie - Bass (TWISTED SILENCE )
Jaron S Raven - Guitars (kenziner )

Marco Hietala - vocals (Tarot, Nightwish, Sinergy, Northern Kings, Sapattivuosi, Conquest
Peter James Goodman - vocals atheme one, Twisted Silence, Pegasos, Northern Lights, House of Mirrors, Conquest, J. Hiltunen's Wings of Destiny, Purple Society
Tommi Kuri - bass (Amberian Dawn, Nasty, Atheme One)
Janne Tolsa - keyboards(Tarot, Turmion Kätilöt , Eternal Tears of Sorrow)
Tuomas Seppälä "Michael Thomas" - keyboards (Amberian Dawn/artist])
Mikko Härkin – keyboards (Solution .45, Random Eyes, Mehida, Cain's Offering, Essence of Sorrow, KenZiner, Sonata Arctica ja Wingdom,Timo Kotipelto)
Heikki Saari - drums (Norther, Tuoni, Amberian Dawn)
Jaska Raatikainen - drums (Children of bodom)

* Secret Visions (2002)
* Northern Twilight Symphony (2004)
* Studio Demo (2007) Recorded & Mixed at Studio 33, mastered at Noteon Studios