Vitaa is a French R&B singer-songwriter. She started as a background singer, singing hooks for rappers (Mafia K'1 Fry, Dadoo, Nessbeal, Pit Baccardi...) In 2006, Sinik's "Ne Dis Jamais" became Vitaa's breakout appearance and she was also featured on Diam's ' hit single "Confessions Nocturnes". Shortly after the success of both singles, she was given the opportunity to be the first artist signed to Motown France Records. Her debut album "A Fleur De Toi" was released on February 2007.

Song lyric Game Over GAME OVER Vitaa
Song lyric Je te le donne JE TE LE DONNE Vitaa
Song lyric Un peu de rêve UN PEU DE RÊVE VITAA
Song lyric À fleur de toi À FLEUR DE TOI Vitaa