Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang Gartner, (real name: Joey Youngman), is a Californian electro / tech house producer and DJ currently based in Austin, Texas, United States. He produced deep house until late 2007 under his actual name before switching to his current Wolfgang Gartner moniker.

He began producing electronic music at age 11 by syncing a drum machine to a keyboard via MIDI, and taught himself to DJ at age 12 with a 4-track tape recorder and 2 tape decks.

In 2004 after a year of successful releases, he signed to the San Francisco-based Blue Collar Entertainment agency and began touring.

In 2007, he made the official switch from Joey Youngman to Wolfgang Gartner and began producing electro house, tech house, and techno. Within that year he landed three top-10 singles on Beatport, a Pete Tong “essential new tune of the week” on BBC’s Radio 1, and two video game licenses.

He owns and runs the label Kindergarten, and previous to 2007 ran the labels Fetish Recordings, and Jackin Tracks.

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