Ziana Zain

Siti Roziana binti Zin (born May 2, 1968 in Kampung Simpang Merpati, Malacca, Malaysia), known by her stage name Ziana Zain is a Malaysian pop singer-songwriter, model, entrepreneur and actress. Taking the local music scene by storm in the early `90s, Ziana captivated fans with her signature single, Madah Berhelah. Since then, there was no turning back for the Ziana, who mesmerised the music scene with hits like Anggapanmu, Setia Ku Di Sini and Puncak Kasih. Her talent was established internationally when she was crowned Voice Of Asia in Kazakhstan in 1995.

Ziana is the eldest child of Zin Abdullah, a retired police inspector and Robiah Abdul who is a full-time housewife. She received her early education at Shah Alam Primary School and Sultan Abdul Aziz Secondary School. As soon as she finished her secondary school, Ziana worked as a cook in school canteen before working as an operator for 7 months in JVC factory at Shah Alam. She later worked as a cashier in Holiday Inn Shah Alam before she started her career as a flight attendant for Malaysia Airlines for two years.

Zain signed contract to record an album under BMG Asia Pacific (which has now become BMG Music). In 1991, she released her debut album Madah Berhelah. The album sold 40,000 copies and was certified Gold Disk by RIM.

Ziana's second album, Ziana Zain was released in 1993 and it was certified Platinum for being sold more than 85,000 copies. The album featured one foreign language track, "Chitose Bashi". The singles of the album included "Anggapanmu" and "Putus Terpaksa".

Her third album, Setia Ku Di Sini was released later in 1995 and she worked very closely with local composers. The album was certified 3x Platinum by RIM with 175,000 copies being sold. The album garnered her the award "Best Female Vocalist in an Album" category at 1996's Anugerah Industri Muzik award. Ziana released five singles from the album and the lead single, "Kemelut Di Muara Kasih", was another commercial success. Four other singles, "Bersama Akhirnya", "Setia Ku Di Sini", "Sangkar Cinta" and "Tiada Kepastian", went to top significant charts across Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. The song "Bersama Akhirnya" garnered her Best Solo Performance category in Pujaan 10 Nescafe award.

Ziana released her fourth album, Puncak Kasih, on May 28, 1997. It won Best Pop Album in 1998's Anugerah Industri Muzik. The lead single of the album, "Puncak Kasih", was a success. It managed to stay at #1 in Carta Muzik Muzik for 15 consecutive weeks. The song also won Best Ballad Song in 1998's Anugerah Juara Lagu.

On May 2, 1998, Ziana married long-time boyfriend, Armin Zaharin Ahmad Zambri Armin, Chief of Flight Attendant who was working with her in Malaysia Airlines back in her early career.

Ziana released her fifth album, Ziana Zain, on March 9, 1999.

Her comeback album was released in 2001 right after her post-pregnancy period. The album, Aku Cintakan Mu, sold more than 20,000 copies. The album won Best Album category in 2002's Anugerah Planet Muzik. The album received a nomination for "Best Female Vocalist in an Album" in 2002's Anugerah Industri Muzik. The album's lead single, "Menadah Gerimis", won Best Ballad Song category in 2002's Anugerah Juara Lagu award. It also won Best Song in Anugerah Planet Muzik that year, apart from being voted as the Best Pop Song Choice award in Anugerah Era. The song also managed to reach #1 in Carta Muzik Muzik, making it her 15th number 1 single in the chart.[citation needed] Two other singles from the album were released, namely "Bagai Gahara" and "Terkenang Jua". Both of the singles did not make it to the final round in Anugerah Juara Lagu. This album was Ziana's last studio album with BMG label.

In 2003, Ziana released her second live album under EMI label. The album, Ziana Zain No. 1s Live featured various adapted concert performances such as Ziana Zain Unplugged Brunei and Ziana Zain in the Park. The album also included two new songs which she recorded during the labour of her second child which were "Lembah Asmara" and "Bukan". Both songs managed to win Best Pop Song Choice Award in 2003's and 2004's Anugerah Era consecutively. The singles "Lembah Asmara" and "Bukan", became number 1 singles in Carta Muzik Muzik.

In 2005, Ziana won Most Popular Female Artist award in Anugerah Planet Muzik Singapura for the third time.

After the release of the album, Ziana took a career break for four years without releasing any studio albums.

She released a mini album in 2008 entitled Dingin. The album featured four tracks and was nominated for Best Pop Song category in 2008's Anugerah Industri Muzik award. The song also managed to get into the final round of 2008's Anugerah Juara Lagu in Best Ballad Song category. However, it was lost to Faizal Tahir's "Sampai Syurga".

In February 2009, it was confirmed that Ziana was pregnant with a twin. She gave birth to a twin of a boy and a girl on July 23, 2009 in Shah Alam.

In January 2010, after six months of absence, finally Ziana returned to public as a surprise guest in the second annual gathering of to celebrate the launching of a new fashion segment, Stailista, in the web portal. In that event, she stated that she would release two new singles from her upcoming untitled album. The singles, which are named Pawana and Dirimu Satu, are expected to be released in June 2010.

Furthermore, Ziana is currently one of the mentors in the fourth season of a singing competition called, Mentor. As the singing competition ended in July 2010, Ziana and her protege, Mohd were announced as the winner for that season. With that success, they managed to take home RM 100 000 and a trophy.

For her acting career, Ziana appeared in her new film, Magika, which was directed by Edry KRU. During the preview of the film, Ziana gained a lot of compliments due to her excellent acting.

In addition, taking place in Cititel Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Ziana Zain has been announced as a spokesperson for Slimworld Beauty House. This was the seventh years she was appointed as the ambassador of the beauty house.

Apart from, singing, acting and being product ambassador, Ziana also involved in theatrical performance. Together with fellow singer Misha Omar, she was cast in the second season of a musical theater production entitled Teater Muzikal Gamat 2. The performance, which commenced on March 12, 2010, was held in the Auditorium of Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC), Kuala Lumpur, for 11 consecutive days. This is Ziana's second participation in theater after Musical Theater Antara.

In 2011, Ziana Zain create shock with her controversial about Malaysian artist association because consider the participation of Malaysian artists celebrity in any artist association is a waste of their time only. According to the Ziana Zain statement, all of them art associations such as the Artists Association of Malaysia (Seniman), Karyawan Association (Karyawan) and Papita should be disbanded because of personal interest is mainly for those who hold the position.

Asian Music Exposure:
1989 - Sang one of the soundtrack of 15th Southeast Asia (SEA) Games
1992 - Selected to sing Japanese popular song, Chitose Bashi in an album Asian Voices
1993 - Recorded 2 English songs in Colors of Love, album involving 5 best Asian Singer
1993 - Performed in Asia Pop Queen Festival that held in Hiroshima and Fukuoka Japan
1995 - Won main award in Voice of Asia, Kazakhstan
1995 - Performed in Asia Live konsert, aired over Japan's NHK satellite TV Channel Two
1996 - Won Golden Melody Award in Japan Music Festival, Japan
1996 - Recorded 2 Disney's songs in an album called A Musical Salute to Disney
1996 - Involved in Musical Program, The Big Show in Singapore
1997 - Invited to OMEGA International Celebrity Club in Crans Montana, Switzerland
1997 - Performed in Asian Music Scene
1998 - Performed live during Opening 16th Commonwealth Games with the song Strive for the Best
2002 - Invited to St Moritz, Switzerland for her 6th appointment of OMEGA ambassador
2003 - Invited to Auckland, New Zealand for OMEGA Seamaster watch launching
2007 - Invited to Beijing, China for FENDI Summer Fashion Show
2010 - Invited to Australia for Photo-shoot with Louis Vuitton products
In 20 years in the music industry, she has collaborated with many celebrities, including Jim Brickman, Cindy Crawford, Anna Kournikova, Kate Bosworth, Shah Rukh Khan, Ralf Schumacher.

1996: Ziana Zain Unplugged Concert (Life Centre, Kuala Lumpur)
1998: Ziana Zain Mega Tour Concert, Peter Stuyvesant ( Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei)
1999: Ziana Zain: Konsert Zon Perlindungan Head & Shoulders (PWTC, Kuala Lumpur)
2002: Ziana Zain Unplugged Concert (Jerudong Park Amphitheatre, Brunei)

Song lyric Madah Berhelah MADAH BERHELAH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Anggapanmu ANGGAPANMU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Puncak Kasih PUNCAK KASIH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Indah Di Hari Raya INDAH DI HARI RAYA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Halaman Asmara HALAMAN ASMARA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kemelut Di Muara Kasih KEMELUT DI MUARA KASIH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Putus Terpaksa PUTUS TERPAKSA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Senja Nan Merah SENJA NAN MERAH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Korban Cinta KORBAN CINTA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kekal KEKAL Ziana Zain
Song lyric Berpisah Jua BERPISAH JUA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Syurga Di Hati Kita SYURGA DI HATI KITA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Tiada Jodoh Antara Kita TIADA JODOH ANTARA KITA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Menadah Gerimis MENADAH GERIMIS Ziana Zain
Song lyric Setia Ku Di Sini SETIA KU DI SINI Ziana Zain
Song lyric Bersama Akhirnya BERSAMA AKHIRNYA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kalau Mencari Teman KALAU MENCARI TEMAN Ziana Zain
Song lyric Tiada Kepastian TIADA KEPASTIAN Ziana Zain
Song lyric Terlerai Kasih TERLERAI KASIH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Satu Detik SATU DETIK Ziana Zain
Song lyric Setia Ke Akhir Hayat SETIA KE AKHIR HAYAT Ziana Zain
Song lyric Terkenang Jua TERKENANG JUA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Gementar Menghukum Kalbu GEMENTAR MENGHUKUM KALBU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Sangkar Cinta SANGKAR CINTA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kesuma Hati KESUMA HATI Ziana Zain
Song lyric Lara LARA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Perjuangan PERJUANGAN Ziana Zain
Song lyric Cintamani CINTAMANI Ziana Zain
Song lyric Bagai Gahara BAGAI GAHARA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Pusaka Rimba PUSAKA RIMBA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Riwayat Cinta RIWAYAT CINTA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Chitose Bashi CHITOSE BASHI Ziana Zain
Song lyric Semarak Kasih SEMARAK KASIH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kembara Di Tanah Gersang KEMBARA DI TANAH GERSANG Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kedamaian KEDAMAIAN Ziana Zain
Song lyric Gerhana GERHANA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Ada Suara Ada Cinta ADA SUARA ADA CINTA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Rentak Hidupku RENTAK HIDUPKU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Fatalistik FATALISTIK Ziana Zain
Song lyric Ada Cinta ADA CINTA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Aku Cintakan Mu AKU CINTAKAN MU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Antara Ikhlas dan Paksa ANTARA IKHLAS DAN PAKSA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Cinta Gugur Satu Satu CINTA GUGUR SATU SATU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Cinta di Akhir Garisan CINTA DI AKHIR GARISAN Ziana Zain
Song lyric Cinta di Menara Rindu CINTA DI MENARA RINDU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Dalam Kesakitan Ini DALAM KESAKITAN INI Ziana Zain
Song lyric Dengarkanlah DENGARKANLAH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Di Sini Selamanya DI SINI SELAMANYA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Dibiar Resah DIBIAR RESAH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Hadirmu HADIRMU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Hidup (Selagi Hidup) HIDUP (SELAGI HIDUP) Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kasih Ku Pertahankan KASIH KU PERTAHANKAN Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kaulah Penentunya KAULAH PENENTUNYA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Ke Mana Perginya Cahaya KE MANA PERGINYA CAHAYA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kehadiranmu KEHADIRANMU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kehidupan KEHIDUPAN Ziana Zain
Song lyric Kekalkan Warisan KEKALKAN WARISAN Ziana Zain
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Song lyric Ku Cinta Padamu KU CINTA PADAMU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Masih Ada Cinta MASIH ADA CINTA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Mimpi Mu Bukan Mimpi Ku MIMPI MU BUKAN MIMPI KU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Penawar Semalu PENAWAR SEMALU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Puncak Kasih (malaysia Song Of The Year-98) PUNCAK KASIH (MALAYSIA SONG OF THE YEAR-98) Ziana Zain
Song lyric Rahsia Semalam RAHSIA SEMALAM Ziana Zain
Song lyric Rantaian Kasih RANTAIAN KASIH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Rindu Yang Ku Pendam RINDU YANG KU PENDAM Ziana Zain
Song lyric Saat-Saat Aidil Fitri SAAT-SAAT AIDIL FITRI Ziana Zain
Song lyric Satu Persatu SATU PERSATU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Sebelum Terlewat Waktu SEBELUM TERLEWAT WAKTU Ziana Zain
Song lyric Senja Nan Merah (with Awie) SENJA NAN MERAH (WITH AWIE) Ziana Zain
Song lyric Sensasi Hari Raya SENSASI HARI RAYA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Sepi Tanpa Rela SEPI TANPA RELA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Strive For The Best STRIVE FOR THE BEST Ziana Zain
Song lyric Teruna Dara TERUNA DARA Ziana Zain
Song lyric Tika Naik Tika Jatuh TIKA NAIK TIKA JATUH Ziana Zain
Song lyric Tuduhan TUDUHAN Ziana Zain