Zigaz is a beginning and end of the journey of 5 personnel. Rama, Azis, Randy, Ebi and Zian which has undergone a career in music for life. Zigaz has bound them in a friendship and also limits the music. Zigaz own name begins and ends with the final letter of the alphabet Z, suggests that this was their final journey in the music world, this is the shade of their art work. Meanwhile, the Iga itself represents an important symbol in a human body, as an important element in the underlying framework of human bones.

With that meaning, the five young children are expected to be a shade Zigaz they work can be valued by audiences. Fifth personnel began pledged Zigaz this name on June 19, 2006. Although fairly young enough age band, but the experience of each personnel can not be underestimated make Zigaz was cooked in the processing of sound, lyrics, arrangement and also skill.

While taking reference from pop and rock music in '80 and the late 90's, still Zigaz can adapt his music with the latest market tastes. They claim very inspired by Collective Soul, Audioslave, Aerosmith, The Police, Queen and also Arkarna. From Infuence earlier, the guitarist Randy the most childbirth dangerous lyrics, so that Indonesian is very integrated with melodies that Zigaz created. Azis is also the main guitarist Zigaz contribute equally guitar harmonies that feels rough, but in character. While the tone of the bass line, Eby played songs such as birth, ....

Selection circuit low tones made Zigaz songs characterized by rock music and also like the catchy pop music. Rama is keeping beat in this band can not be underestimated. Although physically he looks more Babyface than others, but anyone who saw will feel cheated when I saw Rama plays drum kit. And most provide color from Zigaz is Zian, the vocalist. Sound character produced by the vocal cords can be equated with vocalist-top vocalist who has ruled Indonesia blantika music.

'Sahabat Jadi Cinta' chosen as the first single from their first album titled 'ZIGAZ'. The single was chosen after the spilling of blood sweat and very long. This single election since expected to represent the full breath Zigaz was no longer semangat.Selain songs - songs such as zigaz, conqueror subdued, your life is my life, TAR.

Zigaz hoping not only dialbum can exist alone, but also can survive and provide part of the evolution of Indonesian music.

Song lyric Hidupmu Hidupku HIDUPMU HIDUPKU Zigaz
Song lyric Hanya Untuk Hari Ini HANYA UNTUK HARI INI Zigaz
Song lyric Aku Adalah Aku AKU ADALAH AKU Zigaz
Song lyric Penakluk Takluk PENAKLUK TAKLUK Zigaz
Song lyric Harmoni HARMONI Zigaz
Song lyric Apakah Dosa APAKAH DOSA Zigaz
Song lyric Tebar Pesona TEBAR PESONA Zigaz
Song lyric Tetap Bertahan TETAP BERTAHAN Zigaz
Song lyric Saat Kehilangan Cinta SAAT KEHILANGAN CINTA Zigaz
Song lyric Sesungguhnya SESUNGGUHNYA Zigaz
Song lyric Juwita JUWITA Zigaz
Song lyric Ratu Sahabatku RATU SAHABATKU Zigaz
Song lyric Aku Hidupmu AKU HIDUPMU Zigaz
Song lyric Ampun AMPUN Zigaz
Song lyric Cinta Gila CINTA GILA Zigaz
Song lyric Damai DAMAI Zigaz
Song lyric Kenanglah KENANGLAH Zigaz
Song lyric Pertemukan Rasa [OST Retak Gading] PERTEMUKAN RASA [OST RETAK GADING] Zigaz
Song lyric Sahabat Jadi Cinta SAHABAT JADI CINTA Zigaz
Song lyric Salahkah SALAHKAH Zigaz
Song lyric Sepertinya Kamu SEPERTINYA KAMU Zigaz
Song lyric Sumpah SUMPAH Zigaz
Song lyric TAR (Teman atau Ratu) TAR (TEMAN ATAU RATU) Zigaz
Song lyric Wake Up WAKE UP Zigaz