50 Cent

(Spoken - 50 Cent & Eminem)

Yeh... Shady

Haha (Wooo)

50 Cent... GgGgG G Unit

Haha (Here we go again)

Yeah Uh huh (Haha)

(50 Cent)

Does it make you mad when i switch my flow

You cant understand how i get my dough

50 Cent im on fire coz shady said so... Im On Fire


- Here we go now -

Everybodies in a rush to try to get the throne

I just get on the track and try to set the tone

Aint trying to use nobody as a steppin stone

But dont compare me im better off just left alone

And i aint even tryin to go there with record sales

Im just tryin to keep it humble and respect myself

Say what what up keep steppin and just rep D12

Keep my nose clean stay away from weapons jail

And livin wreckless, but if you would check my belt

You may see soemthing else i use to protect myself

A vest to stop a ruger and deflect the shells and

Send em back at you faster than they left the barrel

And i dont even carry guns no more i dont got to

Got under cover cops that'll legally pop you

And i done seen alot of people crossed the line

But this motherfucker Ja mustve lost his mind

That X has got him thinkin that he was DMX

Then he switched to Pac now his tryin to be him next

So which one are you X Luther Pac or Michael ?

Just keep singing the same song recycled

We'd all much rather get along than fight you

Me and hailey dance to your songs we like you

And you dont really wanna step inside on my group

Come on now you know the white boy'll bite ch'ou

I'll hurt your pride dogg and you know i dont like to

But i will if i have to

With syllable after syllable ill just slap ya

Killin you faster

Than you poppin pill after little pill of them tabs of

That shit you on but if you want it you got it

Youd bump this shit too if we didnt diss you on it

But if we lock horns we can charge harder than busta

We bump heads with any motherfucker that wants ta

So whats the deal where was all of the tough talk

When i walked up to ya


Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975 in South Jamaica, Queens, New York), better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is a Grammy award nominated rapper, actor, singer, entrepreneur, author and founder of the hip hop group and label G-Unit.

After leaving drug dealing to pursue a rap career, he released his debut album Guess Who's Back Again in 2002. He was discovered by Eminem and Dr. Dre and then signed to Interscope Records. He has since released Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003) ... Read More