Moonlights streets on your soft skin as you sleep tonight

These fallen dreams as I count every breath you breathe

I can't believe that we are standing on different sides

The cold reality, cos we live in the same world living separate



We gotta hold on (hold on)

We can make it through the storm

Baby it's been so long (so long)

Since the feeling was so right

I know we can make it strong

For I have seen the signs

In my heart you still belong

Gotta keep holding on

Oh we gotta hold on

We've been so blind to let the passing time just slip by

All we've sacrificed just washed away like a turning tide

I sit alone and look up into the open skies

I finally realise oh we've got to fight to keep this love alive


It doesn't matter who's to blame

Forget all the tears lost in the rain

Let's start the fight to win ti back again

Or we'll becomelost souls in lover's ocean

We've seen too much to let it be forgotten

Chorus till end


‘Spike’ Dawbarn & Jimmy Constable first met each other whilst working as dancers on cult TV show ‘The Hitman and Her’ in the early 90’s. In 1995 Spike & Jimmy who by then had already built up a strong teen following of their own decided to form a boy band and recruited third member Lee Brennan after he was recommended to them by their Scottish manager Steve Gilmour - 911 was born!

The lads based themselves in Glasgow and it was there that ... Read More