Well, oh yeah yeah, oh baby yeah

Watching the stars shine in the open sky, summer breeze

Looking down those empty winding streets (winding streets)

There's one thing missing from this beautiful scene

I need you in my arms to make it complete

How can you be so far apart, yet your voice I can hear

Babe it's tearing me apart

I'm drowning in my tears

I can almost touch you but you don't even know I'm here

Don't even know I'm here


Tell me what I've gotta do to make you my baby

Only you can release me from the pain inside

Tell me what I've gotta do to make you my baby

But it can't be wrong

I know it's gonna be so right

I need a little sign, only you can rescue me

Cos you hold the key to unlock this misery

Give me one chance to show that it could be harmony

I'll take you in my arms - the rest will be history

Don't hold back, let's make a start

I'll never let you down

I swear I'll never break your heart

I'm gonna make you proud

All you gotta do is believe that this is destiny, believe in destiny


Oh yeah, well well baby, yeah

Chorus till end


‘Spike’ Dawbarn & Jimmy Constable first met each other whilst working as dancers on cult TV show ‘The Hitman and Her’ in the early 90’s. In 1995 Spike & Jimmy who by then had already built up a strong teen following of their own decided to form a boy band and recruited third member Lee Brennan after he was recommended to them by their Scottish manager Steve Gilmour - 911 was born!

The lads based themselves in Glasgow and it was there that ... Read More