Moving on our way

Moving on our way

I will always remember

Our first days together

It felt like we had known each other forever

We were dreamers

And we were believers

To give up everything

To follow this dream

But one thing that we have learnt is to stand, together as one

And nothing will overcome

And nothing's gonna stop us now


Moving on our way

We're moving on in the one direction

We're growing stronger with each passing day

We're moving on ewe'll always remember

All of our friends all along the way

Moving on our way

Now there's been hard times

As the road unwinds

We've grown closer

It's been worth all the sacrifice

Times are changing

And I hear what you say

Can'tlook at the world

Through innocent eyes

We promise we will never forget the message

keep the faith as long as you're here

By our side

We'll make this music last for all time

Chorus till end


‘Spike’ Dawbarn & Jimmy Constable first met each other whilst working as dancers on cult TV show ‘The Hitman and Her’ in the early 90’s. In 1995 Spike & Jimmy who by then had already built up a strong teen following of their own decided to form a boy band and recruited third member Lee Brennan after he was recommended to them by their Scottish manager Steve Gilmour - 911 was born!

The lads based themselves in Glasgow and it was there that ... Read More