yuh nah kill nuhbody a talk yuh a talk, lif up the mac ninety it bark laka dawg
riffle a bark laka dawg, ninety a bark laka dawg
talk dem a talk pussy dem a talk dem a talk
skin tear bwoy yah suh war cut a sharp, one mad walk and yuh gone
shake mi fucking head
krazy im krazy im krazay u niggaz know that im krazy, fat 45 touch d 80, full a gun ship dem throu haiti d 30 too long da clip deh too weighty d 17 betta precise when mi aim ee
buss out dem head cuz dem facety, pussy cya live ina safety d glock nah nuh safety the grip smooth like baby
contract killing dawg dem pay mi, mannings hill road right front d tasty, you a nyam patty n pastry mi work up d trigga mi finga nuh lazy, kick in yuh face pon d pavement, n mek police come c pay shell, pay shell some 40 some cray shell
krazy im krazy im krazay u niggaz know that im krazy, sick in ma head a go krazy, shot bwoy infront a dem lady(aaah)
krazy, krazy, krazay
govana loco we krazay gun dem well oil up like gravey


Hardcore and innovative aptly describe the persona of the artiste known as Aidonia. When scanning through radio stations it is impossible not to hear his songs. The ladies adore him and men give high ratings to the lyrical flow of Aidonia aka lyrical king.

Born Sheldon Lawrence in1981, he is the second of four children for his mother a teacher and his father an ex-soldier. His close-knit family instilled in him his morals and values and from his friends he gained street knowledge. ... Read More