Pre-Chorus: AKA]
Any day this life gon' flash before your eyes
In a girl like you I see my whole desire
And the way I feel for you can't be described no
No, no
I lose my mind wo
Baby yo
You drive me crazy yo
But you nah hear me though
And when you're ready though
Put it all on you
Write this song for you
I been gone from you
Way too long from you

Thathi isghubhu
Thathi isghubhu
Ah Xigubu
Asbambeki bazosthol'emoyeni
Khanda liyazula
Ahh jikelele
Ah jikelele (elele)
Jikelele jikelele


There are at least nine artists that have used the name AKA.
1) AkA (Electronic project)
2) AKA (Rock band, Indonesia)
3) AKA (Pop-punk band, USA)
4) AKA (No Wave band, Canada)
5) AKA (New media composer)
6) AKA (Rapper, Finland)
7) AKA (Punk band, USA)
8) Aka (Rapper, France)
9) AKA (Rapper, South Africa)

1) AkA Electronic Music project was grounded in 1993 by Henri Sizaret with the aim to go further in the inspiration triggered by the work of Richard H. Kirk, Uwe Schmidt and Vince Clarke. ... Read More