I'm trying not
To be falling
While I'm into
Thinkin' of you.

Wanna touch you
I'm drowning.
Inside you
And ever, and ever.
How deep is your looooooooove.
Your looooooooove, your loooove!
Your love, your love, your love...

'M trying
See you flying
Wanna take you
Into the blue
Wanna hold you

I'm feeling
So magic
When you're here
There's no fear, there's no fear
How deep is your looooooooove
Your looooooooooove, your loooove!

Your love, your love, your love...
I'm falling
Inside this feeling
So keep me falling
Right inside you

Having no clue.
Keep me falling
We're falling
Into the blue
Having no clue
What should we do
We'll be falling ïn...


1) Akcent (pronounced "ascent"; originally a wordplay on "accent") is a Romanian dance pop act whose members sing in Romanian, English and Spanish.
2) Polish disco polo band

1)Akcent was founded by Adrian Claudiu Sînă in 1999, along with female vocalist Ramona Barta. At that time, Adrian worked as a DJ at Radio contact. Their debut album Senzatzia, released in 2000 as cassette only, was electro-pop. It contained the song Ultima Vara (Last summer), which was a summer hit in Romania. ... Read More