Alan Walker

I've got news for you
You really want to know I feel it too
Shaking like a leaf
Wondering what my next move should be
Slide my head under the table
To rest on your thigh
If you would reply, discreetly not push me aside
When you can Blame me for trying trying
If I say do you dare, wonder
How my head could wind up there slip close to do the truth, devil
If you will get me some proof
Slide my head under the table
Pray to the skies, but you will comply
Completely not push me aside When you can't blame me for trying
Don't let me push you into something you don't want to do
We don't have all the time in the world, so baby
Thing I don't want let This Moment Fall by the wayside
I got no time to think
I can only act upon it sting feelings are
sincere, so I moved to make my conscience clear
Slide my head under the table
Look in your eyes, the slightest reply
Tells me you won't put up a fight When you can't blame me for, trying


Alan Walker (born Alan Olav Walker, 24 August 1997 in Northampton, England, United Kingdom) is a British-Norwegian record producer. He recorded electronic dance music single "Faded" and his song released on NoCopyrightSounds, "Fade". ... Read More