Allan Rayman

Throw some shit, whether me as a man
Couple nights, by the way, got some pills in my hand
When I'm gone, leave me be, let me lean, goddamn
I'm not chunk, I'm just drunk, this my scene goddamn
Imma young ass chump in a cruel old world
I got fresh cut toast all white like pearls
Need a selfish kinda girl, goddamn
Need a selfish kinda girl
There's somethin' wrong
A fear this fame is pendin' oh no
Before my eye dose off
I'm afraid of 27
This ain't that shit that I lay for quick can we get official please
I ain't that dick with the cork and a bottle blowin' up on this fiend ah man
Hold up, slow it down, bring it back
I make up, but I can't look back
I make up, but I can't look back