Alone At Last

Restart my Life
Without You Mam
I'm Seven Years old but i know that you had been cheat

ignore you now
from noon till night
I strike this shit , memory just turn all to fight

i track you from this window
i caught you kiss that man
dare to do that mother, the son still smile and said...

"I won't sad and share!"
" I got sisterto care!"
A Promises for being strong and not being adore (ful)

You turn to wise
But pain won't last
when every truth that burn all goodthings back to lies

I track you from this window
I caught you kiss that an
dare to do that mother, the son still smile and said...

Directions built all destructions
Couragious being a figher....I can stand....I will stand!!....

Don't Stop Me now
Don't hug me now
I lost my side for loving you now

Turn green to brown
Look what I've done
well I pt the lyrics on and now....


In 2003 Alone At Last* started their career appearing at various (indie) music events in Bandung, Indonesia. In less than one year the band succeeded in winning the attention of rock music lovers with their hits single: “Amarah Senyum dan Airmata” in Bandung,
Jakarta and other cities in Java Island, Indonesia. Their popularity continued to expand and their circle of fans now reaches across the Indonesian archipelago including
Bali, Medan (Sumartra) ... Read More