Andra and The Backbone

Sanggupkah Kau Lupakanmu
Sanggupkah Kau Hapuskanku
Sanggupkah Kau Munafikanku
Sanggupkah Kau Lepaskanku


Sanggupkah Kau Singkirkanku
Sanggupkah Kau Tepiskanku
Sanggupkah Kau Hilangkanku
Sanggupkah Kau Tipu Dirimu

Sanggupkah Kau Caci Aku
Sanggupkah Kau Ludahiku
Sanggupkah Kau Robek Aku
Sanggupkah Kau Tinggalkan Cari Diriku

Kau Tak Bisa Takkan Bisa...
Kau Tak Bisa Takkan Bisa...

Kepayang, Kepayang, Kepayang
Kau Mabuk Kepayang
Kau Mabuk Kepayang

Back To Reff

Kau Tak Bisa Takkan Bisa...
Kau Tak Bisa Takkan Bisa...
Sungguh Tak Bisa...Aaaa...Aaaa...Aaaa


Andra and The BackBone is a rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia in 2006 and the solo project of Andra Ramadhan, guitarist of the band Dewa 19. Ramadhan also formed part of fellow Dewa band member Ahmad Dhani’s ahmad band project.

In addition to Ramadhan, the band also consists of Deddi Suryadi and Stevie Item.

The band released its self-titled debut album in 2007 on EMI Indonesia. The album was also released in Malaysia with a different artwork. ... Read More