When I was a kid all I wanted cash now that i am all grown up i know it's harder than that as a kid I started living in Cali it was smooth as jelly but then I grew and strated fucking up the place and people said I was a little bitch i said no i think you got a hitch stuck up in yo head, and if you dont like what you hear shit with my pleasure all rip off your all make you cry until you ain't got no more tears well now that your hear I noticed that you ain't nothing but a queer if you want me I could call my uncle moe you could meet him as well as his dog oso theill both rip off yo balls and feed then to their hoes don't be stupid andthink i said mole because hoe their easier to handle like a baseball, basketball even a volletball so what is this detention hall no it's juvenal hall so don't even think yo going to the mall.