The man with the flute

is one of us,

with big black eyes

and a case in his hands.

an enigmatic smile

on his face,

and a numerical ocean

in his brain...

and a secret in his mind,

something that we don't know.

and maybe his love will be forever.

the woman with the harp

is one of us,

with big light eyes

and some tears in the hands.

and days without hours and time,

words to realize

and words to live...

and a secret in her mind,

something that we dont't know.

and maybe her love will be forever.

the blade of my brain

old world, so shining,

your scent is like (a) rusty dream in my mind.

all your sweet abundance

is now a repulsive lie to my life.

i want to rest, to feel the taste of peace,

i want to see beyond appearances.

the blade of my brain is ready to believe...

there's the need of something else...

i'll try to break the silly things,

(the) morbid brain of a saint without a soul to know,

i'll try to taste (the) earthly goods

and the pain of a friend, with my animal sense.

it's my new religion,

or if you want our new world, new time.

so (the) revolution can start,

simply, in the respect of human things.


Arachnes is a progressive metal band from Milan, Italy. They formed back in 1995 when Caruso brothers (Enzo/Vocals and Franco/Guitars) decided to give up their hard-rock project Firehouse in order to start a brand new musical-concept with lots of different influences and more oriented to the virtuoso-approach of guitars and arrangements. Their trade-mark sound originates from an incredibly wide range of influences, going from Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin to Yes, Miles Davis, Bach and Chopin to name a few. ... Read More