Azealia Banks

I take a brain to another dimension
I take a brain on a parallel universe script
I'm the only no parallel bitch
Things funny them shit
Moving them deep then I'm... them spit you spit
Get you little.frozen the hit
Or the weapon.I'ma just in this clip
Blastin off last up you might be stuck on this dick
Look at this bitch, take take wish to, wanna get hit hit
For fifth look quick, four quick in a whip
.Is this

I won't send it to out of space
Just find another
I won't send it to out of space just find another
I won't sent it to out of space just find another
I won't sent it to out of space just find another

Now what's up new tron give me get me money
What plenty you flew from
Pressed in the.cosmos kitchen know the New York
Out of world witch burk is a new born
Spaceship Porsche the buff .
Platform boots hangin out the coop door
Holla world play chips they move on
Met you the.rubling new star
I'ma head to your shake and shoes.
ET.I'ma fall the foots on
.No need for
Keep on the.fighting speed off
Here to take you high the lead on.

Pay close attention
Pay close attention
I think you turn in another dimension
I think I bring you to another dimension


Azealia Amanda Banks (born May 31, 1991) is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Harlem, New York, USA, formerly known under the pseudonym Miss Bank$. Banks rose in notability in 2011 when she topped NME's "Cool List", finished third in BBC's Sound of 2012 and released her breakout debut single 212 (feat. Lazy Jay). Releasing the 1991 EP and Fantasea mixtape in 2012, her debut album Broke With Expensive Taste was delayed for three years, being released in November 2014. ... Read More