Becky G

Hard Work
Double time, over time, two jobs
Working till our hands hurt
But we are never let to pay the bills.
Said always follow your heart
Make sure to keep your heart above the water
And I promise that I always will.
I see fifty latinos
Fifty Latinas
That's my crib on a weekend
That's my familia
Talking in Spanglish
En español.
I'm just here to let you know.
If you don't know, now you know
We Are Mexico.
And don't matter where we go.
Viva méxico.


Rebbeca Marie Gomez, "Becky G", (born in Los Angeles, March 2nd 1997) is an American rapper and singer/songwriter. Her musical career began in 2009 when she joined a girl group called "G.L.A.M.", then later joined another girl group called "BCG" however she'd previously made small modeling and acting appearances. Becky's career was kickstarted in 2011 when she posted a remake of Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Otis" to YouTube. The video never went viral, however it was discovered by major music producer Dr. ... Read More