I suppose you think that i let you down
I suppose you think that i'm a silly clown
I suppose you think that i make to much noise
I suppose I know that you don't have a choice

So if you can't except me for what the hell i am
I will except you for one boring bam
That means spreading it
That means you dreading it
Takin a silly fit

Now back off ya loser
I don't need ya anymore
this is me , just me , just on my own
so don't bother ringing me on the telephone

so peace ,far out
not heavy
no dout
lifes boring
just snoring
not happenin'
just rappin in, oww

picky chooser you looser
can't find ya way around
pick up from the ground
makin a moanin sound ,oooh

So peace, far out
not heavy
no dout
lifes borin'
just snorin'
not happenin'
just rappen in ,owww



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