Chorus:i said yes to your number
and yes to you dating me
yes we can be together
but you gotta wait for me
the first time i said no
its like i never said yes
i said yes we can be together
yes you can stay with me
but when i said no not tonight
you acted so ungratefully
the first time i said no
its like i never said yes

i was on the wall
you was with your crew
you was watching me, baby
i was watching you
slowly you walked over
i maintained my cool
you said hello to me
i said hello you
you asked me where im from
i asked you what you do
you somehow hendricked me
i thought you were so cool
somewhere between hi and goodbye
i felt so comfortable
i felt like we could talk one night
so i gave my number to you


certainly you can call me baby
i'd love to hear from you
yes of course you can come and see me boy
wanna get to know you boy
shout i'm feeling you
no baby not yet
we can't take that next step
why you getting so upset boy you
act as though i've never told you yes before
you are so ungrateful
ummm ummm ummm

you was at my house
i was sitting on the couch
you was really buggin so i
told you to get out
i had been misjudging you
you had a lot of nerve you're
too damn old to be so immature
i hope you learned
you said i moved to slow
i showed you to the door
yous aid you'd call me later
i said dont call no more
and it's cool
if you cant wait for me
im glad you let me know cause you showed me you're true face baby
the first time i said no



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