Intro/Hook: Bo$$ (repeat)

I don't give a F***, not a single F***

not a single solitary F***

I don't give a F*** motherF***er!


I don't give a F*** about none of y'all!

Big ballin' ass BO$$ takin' two to

Ya head with a sawed off shotgun

Give it up cuz I'm one crazed bitch!

Rollin' thick, gang full of lunatics bailin

Runnin' through the mud

Escaped from the cell block searchin' for the got damn judge

Cuz its simple to get revenge on a punk

Pop the trunk, grab the pump and pull the trigger my nigga!

From the jump kept F***in' up, talkin' that same shit!

So I snuck up and F***ed up a gang a shit

Bitches that's down and we found 'em

The punk we caught 'em and clowned 'em

Now the niggas stretched out from a murder case

And don't mind doing again the shit

That got me locked up in the first place

BO$$'ll let the nine go BUCK!

I truly don't give a F***!




Naw, not givin a F***, not givin' a F*** about shit

To me I see life

Like its a bunch of F***in' bullshit

Cuz everybody's runnin' around with crooked scam

An every F***in minute I see a nigga' in a ambulance

Just another dead body

Niggas' got the streets sewn up, they goin out worse than John Gotti !

So for the year '92, I'm sayin F*** the motha F***in feds

I'd rather put some F***in' heads to bed

On a penny-annie punk talkin' junk

I'll beat ya down so bad, ya own pops won't recognize ya

Its better known as the first degree murder

Causin' death and destruction

Got niggas livin by the gun



Born Lichelle Laws, Boss is a female gangster rapper who, along with her partner Dee, became the first female rap act to be signed to Russell Simmons' Def Jam West label. Originally the two hailed from Detroit, but after a brief stint in New York, the pair headed west to L.A. where they lived in near poverty for three years before gaining the attention of DJ Quik and receiving a record deal; eventually releasing Born Gangstaz in 1993... ... Read More